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produce farm > photojournalism degree > photography/marketing/promotion/design/production > relocated > starting over!
Verona, NY
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One of a few first concepts learned in design/arts is "K.I.S.S.", "keep it simple, stupid".

This isn't a logo, it's an illustration.

A logo should be a clean, impact-full representation of the "brand". Reproducible in several applications and needs.

Has there been any discussion about purchasing a typeface that the branding can revolve around? A professional and quality font can elevate and give good ground to stand on. From there you can introduce a color and possibly a small icon/graphic (like you've done with apples or the sickle). Easy breezy. Letterhead, website, shipping, all done in one.

I suggest browsing nerdy typeface sites like "youworkforthem.com" -- you can try out a name/phrase in browser, no commitments.

I used to work in media production... just left that world this past spring to dive into my own exploration of permie world.

Just some thoughts to save efforts and direct constructive thought...

... obviously there's contract specifics glossed over, but I wouldn't expect that 2M budget to include any outside production sourced talent, editing or location logistics. Think of it as more of a creative budget.

And the production company would generally have no involvement with the network's advertising buys. Oh wait--just realized you meant featuring small businesses within the parameters of the storyline. I don't know how that would go over from the production company POV, but on Paul's side of things, that vetting, pitching, approval can be a big time suck.

Apologies if this is too obviously but just want to share this is totally a great time to pad out that creative budget with Wheaton Labs "expendables" of sort. Anything that you've already have/had on a wish/need list should be thrown in there and would be easily justifiable (think of it as rental coverage of a talents tools/kit/space/insurances etc.) though I doubt anyone would bat an eyelash. Just covering your arse will eat up budget quickly!

6 years ago

Is there a couples rate?
6 years ago
Looks good! Never thought to try baby pumpkins.

I use amazing bouillon cubes from Edwards & Sons but they also make curry bouillon cubes and I can image it being really delicious using those!

6 years ago
Thanks everyone, super nuggets of info to consider.

With some reflection, I can't help but agree with Matu -- what's the difference with changing my car out and getting some more greenhouses!?

Larry - 1-1.5 incidents a day? I'd love to watch whatever media sources you're on. Al Jazeera can only cover so much.

Michael - I had no idea to watch for coal, and I'm not sure how to locate sites, but I'm on it. I had a sense that it's still used, but I figured rarely. And is this one of the reasons permaculture tends to avoid concrete? Growing up with a Dad who was in post WW2 construction employment, a lot of things around my house are concrete. Just from an aesthetic preference I was hoping to avoid it, but had no idea I should be doing it for health reasons. Will simmer on that too!

6 years ago
I'm partial to NYS, simply because I know it well, and I anticipate having to take care of my Mom in her older years...

... so in land hunts regions boil down to this:

The western and souther tiers are spoilt with mineral rights reserved for the fracking $$$ (not to mention the water and health threats).

The northern tier is cheap, but I cannot come to terms with the shorter growing season and any wintertime commuting. It's not necessarily that I'm afraid of snow--I think the Central region where I am currently located is actually the highest snowfall in the state, but we're flat, and hills and ice are likely too much for my trusty Corolla to handle.

The Catskills are out of my price range because they're heavily frequented by NYC residents.

And the Capitol district is also pricey and nearing a longer commute when you might have to travel through the ADK park system.

The central region, where we are currently, is heavily farmed. I haven't actually in four months looking, found one parcel I can afford and am excited about.

What this leaves us, is the northern central region. It's got the largest ratio of state owned parks to personal property in the whole state---but it's also encroaching on the military base (Ft. Drum) and getting closer and closer to the nuclear power plant.

SO (at last?) I ASK -- how concerned are others about their vicinity to nuclear power plants? It was at the top of my list originally, until I came down to reality. What mileage buffer would make you feel more comfortable?

I've got two spots in mind, but they're only 40 miles away from an operating reactor, and historically WITHIN the wind patterns. : /

6 years ago
Hello Folks,

We've been researching and viewing acreage in the Central New York (Camden, Canastota, Verona) and SW Adirondack (Little Falls, Stueben, Boonville) regions for the last four months. I'm hitting between 12-30 acres depending on quality and location.

Putting this out there to the stars -- is anyone else in the same boat?

We're recognizing the next "notch" of budget drastically increases our acreage gain and experiencing that our neighbor options aren't always ideal (read: a lot of commercial farming OR strictly absent, NYC folk who buy and then hold--who knows what they will ever do with it).

I'd love to find like minded parties interested in a long term homestead; we want to create a haven for generations to come.

We're both 31, I was raised on a farm in the county with ultra frugel depression era grandparents, recently relocated from NYC (progressive, social, fast . Interested in minimum: greywater, humanure, hugelkulture, foraging, natural building, free things/garbage reuse, goats & chickens, solar ovens, wind power. Mostly vegetarian except from good sources, financially stable (cash purchasing will get us a great deal!) and most of all OK WITH A WINTER SEASON!

Possibly interested in other NE states, lets chat!

jamie + ben
(PS - re: below, we were all dressy for a wedding, obviously
6 years ago
@ Rebecca -- Most commercial products in the US (OB included) contain bleached viscous rayon. Not quite synthetic, but not really healthy and definitely high processing resulting in much waste. I suppose products overseas could be make purely from cotton, since a lot of materials the US uses aren't in their international counterparts. Just food for thought.

When having to use tampons I try to use 7th Generation brand organic cotton.

But 99% of the time I use a Diva Cup.

I honestly don't know how I lived without it. It's zero waste. Has limited my cramping (how? i have no idea but it works for me!), and allows me to forget about my period for ~12 hours---and I used to use super absorbency tampons. My only hassle was that it comes with a gripper knob at the bottom of it for you to grab to pull out, but due to comfort, I had to remove/cut it off. It's left a weird tiny lip/form that requires extra cleaning but ah well.

You can learn to pull it out at the right angle so as not to spill or drip on you a drop. @ Cassie -- when in public bathrooms I bring a paper towel inside the stall with me, drop the contents in the toilet and gently wipe out the inside with toilet paper. Do a small toilet paper pad to keep me protected, wrap the cup in the paper towel and wash it (VERY carefully) in the sink. Totally not ideal, but the cup allows about twelve hours of protection so honestly I can plan that I rarely have to empty it in a public place. This obviously in a port-a-potty would be a nightmare.

I boil the cup to sterilize after every 2 cycles.
6 years ago
Hi all,

Not to sound spammy, but my better half forages for many mushrooms (oyster, hen of the woods, morels, chicken of the woods, coral, puffball, a ton that don't have fun mainstream names for me to remember ). He was previously selling to NYC restaurants but we've since relocated out of that market and have yet have more access to prime forest/woodland environments. What we cannot eat/use ourselves, we are attempting to sell online.

I'd like to propose if anyone is interested here, get in touch. He's a regular on mushroom specific forums online, I'll try and get him over here to participate too. : )

Or, if anyone has suggestions to venues to sell, fire away.
I'm hesitant to suggest the farmer's market route because he doesn't have any sort of certification, license, insurance... and people up here honestly seem terrified of poisonous mushrooms.

jamiefrasca at gmail dot com

thanks and be well!
6 years ago