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Does anyone on this forum sell wholesale Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) seeds? I would like to buy 100 grams or more.
5 years ago
I spent many, many hours researching the difference between Russian Comfrey #4 and #14. Please check this out:

I have 17 pages about comfrey. I put a lot into this research because there is so much confusion about it. Also information about comfrey: health and growing.
5 years ago
From the research I have done and there is a lot of conflicting information about there:

True/Common Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) flowers are cream, pink, yellow, white or purplish. I have only seen the purple and pink.

Russian Comfrey Bocking #4 or #14 (Symphytum x uplandicum or Symphytum peregrinum) flowers are purple, magenta-pink, red, white or blue (that fade to pink) flowers. I have only seen the purple and white ones.

There are other varieties of comfrey with blue flowers. I have one I call "Wild Comfrey". I do not know its botanical name since I found it growing on my property.

If you have comfrey in colors other than these in a particular variety, please let me know.

Russian Comfrey is almost twice as large as True Comfrey. Russian Comfrey has sterile seeds. It is not invasive at all. True Comfrey seeds can make it somewhat invasive. Overall there are no big differences between any of the comfreys in terms of medicinal or feed value.

If you want a lot of biomass for feeding animals or making/activating compost, Russian Comfrey is better than True Comfrey. All are good.

I sell 4 types of comfrey: Russian Comfrey Bocking #4, Russian Comfrey Bocking #14, True/Common Comfrey (Symphytum officinale), and wild blue-flowered comfrey. Also perennial sea kale, perennail bronze fennel. And organic kelp and azomite.

If you have comfrey questions, I'm fairly knowlegeable about it....
Does anyone sell any live comfrey roots with yellow flowers? I would like to buy some.
Does anyone sell any live comfrey root with yellow flowers? I would like to buy some. Thank you.
I use DE to keep bugs out of grain that is stored. It works. I sometimes feed it to my chickens, food grade of course. I like it.
7 years ago