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The ground [and maybe even the mass of the trunk of the tree] is cooler because the shade is more intense for a longer time during the day. So the temperature of the shaded 'microsite' will be lower. You could determine this by measuring the soil temperature or laying in the grass on a hot day and measuring nap length, relative to ambient temperature Ground cover plants and soil moisture will matter too. btw soil temp means everything to lots of plants.
6 years ago

Hello people. I just received notice that the Comment period for the FDA regs has been extended until the 22nd - Partly I suspect because of Montana Senator Tester's meeting with the FDA commissoner. So if you aren't inclined to comment on the regs yourself, at least pass the word along to the small farm produce sellers that you know. Relevant links are in my first post in this topic. Here is the link to the notice of extension and if you look to the right you can see links to the specific dockets.


7 years ago
Hello fellow perms. It was tough to decide where to post this topic. I know you all are generally growly about ‘politics.' There are new FDA regulations in the works. Some are quite good, like making sure grower/sellers who use animal compost get it hot enough to destroy pathogens and pharmaceuticals. There are two specific dockets involved and one of them contains regulations that are so labor or dollar intensive that they could put some small fruit and vegetable producers out of business. I'm not a farmer (just a gardener) but it looks as if some of the restrictions will prohibit groups of sellers (think CSA) from buying or trading their produce among themselves. That may be just the tip of the iceberg.
Happily, they make it clear that farmers will not be prohibited from eating and preserving their own fruits and vegetables. Really.

The deadline for comments is Nov 15 and the comment link has been down for days. I just got a message from FDA saying they fixed the problem but I still cant get through. So if you have the time and the wherewithall, take a look at the regs and comment on the restrictions that will burden you as a small farmer. This is important and shouldn't be blown off as a ‘political issue.' If the regs are adopted, and they hit you, at least you will know where they came from. Senator Tester from Montana is speaking with the FDA commissioner this week about this. He is a family farmer. Grains. Organic barley, if I'm not mistaken.

Here are the relevant links These are the FDA information pages for the two dockets open for comment. Scroll down to Comments link.

Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing and Holding of Produce for
Human Consumption

FSMA Proposed Rule for Preventive Controls for Human Food

If you are not a fruit or vegetable producer this is a good place to get some of the specifics about the impacts of the regs


FDA postal Address for Comments. Because of the tech fail, I suspect they may take written comments past the deadline. Explain that you were unable to access the comment link and ask them to forward your letter to the appropriate office. It is annoying that they don't seem to have a very direct postal address listed on the regulation/comment page. It almost seems like an effort to discourage paperwork. Anyway this is the address on the two main docket pages - so they asked for it!

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20993
Ph. 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)

These are Senator Tester's Missoula and DC numbers. If you find that the links are still down, despite the notice that they are fixed, it might be good to let them know.

Missoula 406-728-3606
DC Phone: (202) 224-2644
Fax: (202) 224-8594

And last but certainly not least, Rob Chaney's succinct article in the Monday Missoulian:
"Farmers market producers fear proposed FDA rules could put them out of


7 years ago
Ya I see that this isn't the greates place to post this plus the FDA comment pages for the relevant dockets are down, which means th ecomment period should be extended.


Sorry for butting in...
Hello people. This is grim news as it relates to trading food and farm products - probably even trees and shrubs among farmers and groups at the local level. The pending regulations will put unreasonable pressure on small farmers who grow produce for Saturday markets and neighborhood food groups. Small farm products includes vegetable, honey and baked goods. For example the regulations restrict farmers from cooperating among themselves to sell and trade food. Unfortunately the regulations do not address food safety risks from genetically engineered crops, pesticide use, or antibiotic resistance.

It's a pain in the butt to network on these things, but this one can't be ignored. There is a nov 15th deadline for comments to FDA on the draft which was just released. So do what you can. Watch for a Whitehouse petition in the next few days. Read this and network it to your people. please.

"Fear the Turtle: FDA's One Sided Food Safety Regulations"

Thanks, Kathy in Missoula

Ryan Barrett wrote:Jessie and I set up a tipi today.

Sigh. Beat still my heart.

7 years ago
Deleted. I changed my mind. My apologies. Too much rant.

Don't grow your food on top of your poop.
Lao Tzu
7 years ago
Well spoken Adam Klaus - bravo! I am a biological and ecological scientist by training and in spirit. And -well - I never paid much attention to biodynamics. Recognition that there are phenomena outside the range of human and technological perception is an honest admission of the limits of science and/or religion. Intuition is useful. Who knows what perceptions we mere homosapiens have lost over evolutionary time?

Carry on
Karhy J.
7 years ago

how about creating a "wish list"

Agreed! Once they get to BC they will have clear ideas for wishlists, gifts, large and small. I have these two nice cast iron pans...seeds and other small things that could make a difference.

Kathy J.

7 years ago