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Fallon Wilson

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since Jan 10, 2013
We are a female couple from Nova Scotia. We own a 3 acre micro-farm near the ocean on the southshore looking for people to join in our venture here creating abundance and self sufficiency for themselves. We are an LGBTQQ safe space.
Sable River, Nova Scotia Canada
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Hey Neighbour! As been stated start small and follow the zones. Start with Zone zero which is your house. Plant your veggie gardens right around the immediate vicinity of the house for easy access. Ive noticed the land here is rocky with a fine coat of topsoil. We're going with Hugulkultur and Ruth Stout methods for our beds. If you're logging your own wood you'll want an atv, small tractor or truck to haul it. We may have a person who could build your covered porch. Im sending you a purple moosage right away. :)
1 year ago
Hey Neighbour! Id love to chat about permaculture and homesteading with you. Ill send you a purple moosage on here :)
1 year ago
Room mates wanted for House Sharing

We are a micro permaculture farm that is just starting up on 3 acres of overgrown and neglected farm land, on a hill, 1/2 a km from the ocean and minutes from Louis Head beach and 20mins from Shelburne NS. Lots to do and plenty to learn for an interested party.  We are looking for a person or loving couple with whom to share our 2000+sqft century farm house. In exchange you will commit to 20 hours a week of some form of labour to contribute to the house/farm and pay $500 per month for room and board for a single person, $700 per month for a couple. Ideally you would share our Solar Punk philosophy, be someone who is of an altruistic/socialist mind set and an ally of the LGBT community to fit in with our family.

How room and board works:
- You will have your own bedroom (approx 10' x 14') to decorate as you please, sharing the bathroom with the rest of the house's occupants (a second bathroom is planned). Common areas include a large living room, huge eat-in kitchen, library room and book nook with a view and are yours to enjoy as long as you pick up after yourself.
- Meals will be shared and made as needed (schedule to be negotiated) or you may graze in the fridge and cupboards as needed. Food provided will be a combination of nutritious, gluten free staples, animal based proteins, various greens etc purchased from the grocery store for now, but whenever our farm produce can be used it will be. Our goal is to be 50% self reliant for food in 2 years. Should you wish a treat outside of the normal fare on offer, you can, of course, purchase it for yourself.
-You will also have access to garden/animal spaces and the workshop and tools if you do not have your own.

How the 20 hour weekly contribution works:
- We are looking for individuals who enjoy helping to maintain their standard of living: Cleaning, sweeping, general house keeping, cooking to share with other house mates, meal clean up (washing dishes), processing farm produce for the future farm store, yard maintenance, snow removal, gardening, animal care, maintainance/repair of existing structures on the property or new builds all count towards the 20 hr goal. Think of all the chores you do to keep your current place up to snuff now, that time is what we need.
- A farm store/Art studio is also planned. Should you have an artistic heart, any item that you wish to create for sale will be welcome.

Moreover, we hope to find people willing to put in the effort to become like family. Not everything is sunshine and roses all the time, slogging through swamps on dreary days is to be expected from time to time.  This is not the place for hermits, we want people who will interact on a reasonable level, sharing meals, evening scrabble/board games, cooperative produce preparation and coordinating mundane tasks are just a few examples. Neither is this a place for party animals, while the odd evenings may be taken at the campfire with beverage or a bit of the herb, wildly inebriated on a regular basis is not cool. We are mental health advocates and are familiar with the challenges of PTSD, Depression and Anxiety and pride ourselves on maintaining a supportive environment to survive and thrive. Service dogs are welcome and will be given treats/snuggles when off duty.

High speed internet will be installed shortly so this would be ideal for work from home persons or individuals on fixed income or aspiring farmers that want to learn and grow.

We currently have 2 bed rooms available but plan on adding more living spaces such as yurts etc as the years progress and adjoining land acquired.
1 year ago
we bought 29 acres of clear cut forest on the south shore and have a tent trailer on it. We are currently looking to buy a farm ourselves in the same area you have been thinking about. There are a number of farmers markets and restaurants in Mahone Bay, Bridgewater, Liver Pool, Shelburne etc so there are options for selling produce there. I found the winters to be similar to central Ontario on the south shore.
2 years ago
Thanks Paul. Ive got all the plans from Ernie and Erica and was lucky enough to get to a workshop they presented here in Canada 3years or so ago and took LOTS of pictures of the build. I was just wondering if a shippable core would save me some time and effort on a build for my new farm house. It has a typical woodstove which burns tonnes of wood to heat a big space. But theres plenty of room around it to build a nice RMH. One day I'll get my passport done and get down to one of your events.
3 years ago
Are they able to ship to Canada? And how do I go about ordering one without going to the ATC?
3 years ago
I'd like to stay angry but instead I wish the Big Guy a speedy recovery. Id rather wait a bit longer and have quality than a fast response and a craptastic product in the end. A great motto to live by " bitch less, do more"

Sending Paul some fluffy bunny get well soon vibes!
5 years ago
Awesomeness! I cant wait to see that finished product! Keep up the great work people!

Wilson Clan
5 years ago
Hello peoples. We are offering plots of our 29 acres to people interested in parking a tiny house, try their hand at starting a permaculture garden and/or live off grid. The land is 70% clear cut forest, has two small streams for water, access to a large lake and 15min car ride to town. There is no power and the land is raw so its from scratch that we are starting things. We are offering the option for skills, work/land use trades. The land will be available Spring of 2016 from may onward. Some basic expectations are keeping the land healthy and free of garbage, follow permaculture techniques and respecting the neighbours who share the access road. We have ZERO tolerance for racism, homophobia, sexism or hatred of any kind. PM me with details about yourself and an email address and I can send pictures and chat more with you.
6 years ago
Rose no we ended up buying land outright in Nova Scotia. My spouse was downsized and got a payout so when opportunity knocked we answered.
6 years ago