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Tj Jefferson wrote:I would be willing to make some, heaven knows I have enough bones at this point of the deer season stored up.

This would mean I would need to invest in another dutch oven, and I don't personally use this. I have friends here who would. Just be aware that it really stinks, and may not mail well.

I'm out of the country until mid december, if there is enough interest I can make some batches.

Hi Tj,
When you get back, if you're up for it, that would be great.  I know the stuff works and want to use it on a site I'll be planting. Do you think you'd be able to accommodate this?

I think it would work out well for mailing, so long as it was packaged securely  - a properly sealed mason jar within a ziplock or 2, surrounded by a bunch of dense packing material - shredded paper, etc would probably do the trick.

Thanks for your time!
3 years ago
Would anyone want to sell me some bone sauce, by chance? If so, please be in touch! Thanks!
3 years ago
Hey Toby,
I'm a huge fan of your work and efforts.

I'm interested to know what you see as the biggest opportunities for permies living in urban centers to create new business models which fit in with the ethics of permaculture?

I'm also interested in your perspective in the seeming lack of arable land access in the city. Beyond brown and black space reclamation, public gardens, community gardens, rooftop gardens, what do you think are opportunities which are underutilized or unknown in urban spaces?

Thank you for your time and effort.

John Paul
6 years ago
Is anyone here open to the idea of selling me some bone sauce? I would want something of verified quality.
6 years ago
And 1 more...
6 years ago

I'm generally assessing my soil test, reviewing nutrient improvement, and now looking to improve anything else I can.

I'm doing some comparisons of soil tests from the spring of 2014 and currently and am looking for any input that folks may want to share for perspective. From my perspective, it seems like there has been some marked improvement in certain aspects of the results. Macro and micronutrient levels seems better as does Organic Matter.

If I'm doing my math correctly, for LowB,the soils percent base saturation is a Ca:Mg:K ratio of 2783:556:220 or 76:15:6, putting my Ca:Mg ratio at 5:1

Similarly, for HighB, the Ca:Mg:K ratio is 4700:1013:383 or 76:16:6, putting my Ca:Mg ratio at 5:1.

From what I understand, for a clay soil, you would want to push Ca:Mg somewhere to the order of 7:1

I feel the steps I should take are:
1) get more Caclium into the mix to try and increase that Ca:Mg ratio and spread those soil particles apart
2) add some composted manure and perhaps another source of nitrogen

Is there reason for concern with some of these overlying high ppm values for macro and micronutrients?
6 years ago

Does anyone have experience with any favorite perennial fruits in pots? How about some examples of both living and since gone?

I'm going to be doing more of this for the coming season - I'm wondering if peaches and some others in large (25 gallon or so)containers will survive thru a winter or few in zone 7'ish. They're going to be mostly on halford rootstock and a couple guardian - 3-4' in height. Protect them?

I've got blueberries, huckleberries, blackberries, mulberries, and aronia in containers... respectively having survived 5 years for the blues and 3 years for the rest.
6 years ago
Still interested to know what the gummosis might be the result of...but I did speak with someone who assured me I'd be receiving a full refund for the peaches. It's quite comedic...the email reply that I posted was from the owner of the nursery...the gentleman I spoke with over the phone was someone else who works there but who basically said 'this is unacceptable' and offered the refund or credit towards a future order. Considering the quality of plants I received from them, I went for the refund.

Thank you all for your time...and maybe someone will know what this disease is?

7 years ago
Thank you for your replies.

Dale, they went in spot on at the soil rodents or predation or signs of insect damage. But the leaves are looking rough...please see here:

Leila, I was a bit more arbitrary in my e-mail to them, as per below:

"I just wanted to write to see if you might take some time to discuss the situation and potential resolutions that you can provide.  I'm not sure if this would be a situation where replacement trees or what other options would be appropriate or some such consideration. "

I'd honestly rather order from some place else than have the trees replaced by the nursery, but I did not see any allowance for that in their guarantee (one growing season).

I did not reply yet indicating how close to the graft the damage is but I did it find it odd not offering some other solution or diagnosis. I got the vibe of "it's cool or cut it" the way I read their reply email.
7 years ago