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Primal girl that is honest to a fault. I enjoy camping in the middle of nowhere, cooking nutrient dense foods, open for new adventures and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Non-religious, non-new age and hard worker, I get too focus on work that I sometimes forget to eat/sleep/etc... Sometimes easily amused (twirled in the snow and made a snow person from clearing driveway by myself lol in NJ visiting family).
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Ashley Cottonwood wrote: I love my wool! I live in Canada and I coach ski racing. My favourite wool company is out of Bozeman Montana called Duckworth. They make amazing wool clothing. The wool is sourced in Montana, processed I believe in South Carolina, and it one of the few companies in the world that does not treat their wool with chlorine! Super soft, super durable! I where my sweater doing everything from skiing, white water kayaking, gardening, camping, you name it! Washes well just don't put it in a dryer :)

Thank you. I'll go research them. I'm in Florida yet have read that wool depending on breed can be worn in hot humid climates. I can't afford Merino wool active wear created for all types of climate so I'm trying find a more affordable version. Thanks.
4 months ago
"About egg eating chickens" John Polk posted in

The 2 biggest causes of cannibalism are lack of protein, and overcrowding.

Chickens try to control flock size to match feed/protein supplies. If there is a shortage of feed or protein, they will try to resolve the issue by eliminating 'the weak'. Eggs are a known source of protein, and they can't fight back. Obvious choice for controlling flock size.

As John Elliot points out, boredom can also be a factor. A cut up winter squash will keep them occupied all day long.

Artificial lighting is another potential cause. We don't often hear of it because it is normally only practiced by the bigger commercial operations, where the birds are caged, and life expectancy of the birds is not a concern. (When the cost of a replacement chick is about equal to the daily cost of feeding a non-producer, the birds get rotated out about the time they molt their first feather.)

If egg eating is a problem (it rarely is), and cannot be otherwise resolved, it's time for chicken salad.

hope it helps
6 years ago
Hello Scott

I'm a web developer with 15+ experience. Would love to help setup your website that in the end you can update yourself from any computer with internet
A hard worker, I get too focus on work that I sometimes forget to eat/sleep/etc... I live in Fl, currently visiting my Sis in NJ. Maybe I can visit on my way down and lend a hand.

8 years ago