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Recent posts by Cassie Rauk

I have only used clear glass, old windows actually.

Is smoked glass the same as tinted windows? If so wouldn't it reflect the heat instead of absorbing it? Or do I have it backwards?
I have been see them all around the seed catalogs too. We used the peat pots for years to send home seedlings with the kids when I worked at a daycare (Mother's Day gifts). Maybe they would not dry out as fast as the peat ones?
One of the easiest things you can do to help out Paul and the empire is to tell all of your friends, and these days that means Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google + . . . you get the idea.

Posting a Thread on Facebook

When you come across a post that you thing is great and want to share, go to the top of your browser and copy the link and then head over to your Facebook page.

Click in the 'Update Your Status' and paste the link, add some of your own words on why your friends should check it out and hit post.

If there is a video or picture in the article or thread, it will show up when you paste in the link. It will look a little something like this:

The same principal can be applied to Google+ and Twitter.

Sharing a Permies Post on Facebook

Another easier way to share what has already be posted on Paul's fan page (you have liked his fan page, right?)

You see where is says share. Click on that and a pop up will come up and then click Share Link and then all of your friends will be able to see it.

Other good places to share permies stuff is Reddit, and Pintrest.

There are many, many more social media sites and if you are active on any of them, share any and all of Paul's (or other Permie people's) videos, articles, and threads. It is great way to share the permaculture love.

I have at least one sleeping bag, maybe two that I can send your way. I may have some blankets too. I will probably FedEx them from work so you should get them soon!
10 years ago
Bill is right about the deer, they are everywhere.

I think once you move into the area and meet your neighbors they will be happy to let you do some foraging. And then if you grease the well with a little gift (like a neighbor that mushroom hunts, leaves us with some morels) and then you are in!

And don't worry Minnesota Nice is a really thing.
10 years ago
Hi Dennis,

I am a SE Minnesotan (I live across the river from La Crosse WI) so I will try to help you out if I can.

There are lots of placed in SE MN where you can find good farmland, my sister just got a nice 14 acre chunk near Lanesboro, MN. And even if you chunk is ideal, with some sweet talking your neighbor will probably let you do some foraging. I haven't heard of people having problems with water rights, but then it is the land of ten thousand lakes.

The Twin Cities, Rochester and Madison all have large farmer's markets. I have not been to the Madison personally but have heard good things. Most of the small towns have farmers markets too, but if you are selling something unusual (like tanned sheepskins) word of mouth will help you loads.

I start most of my seeds under grow lights and many use cold frames. I usually don't plant outside until the last week of May. In my neck of the woods the season runs from Mid May to Mid Sept. But we have not gotten and official frost yet this year, so I am still pumping out tomatoes.

You will find lots of like minded folks in the Viroqua area and Winona is beautiful. Many of the small towns outside of Rochester are nice, like Chatfield. Also a nice place to check out is Decorah, IA which is right across the border.

10 years ago
I got my DVDs today!!

I got an alert that mine would be shipped on Aug 6th and the arrived in the mail today. I am sure my super fast delivery is due to the fact the company that made the DVDs is only a couple hours away from my farm.

10 years ago
This is may be a great time to get some fall crops in. Anything that will do good in cool weather: greens, carrots, kale, broccoli, spinach, kolorabi, etc.
My sister and her husband bought their homestead from Craigslist. It was the goats and guinea hens that came with the place that hooked them.

I hope sells fast for you!!
10 years ago
I think it would be particular nice for my nosy nieces and nephews (and my dad) who are always wanting to know what is going on inside. I may have to talk to my handy-man husband . . . .
10 years ago