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Sorry for the sideways pics🙄
As a side note, I use iNaturalist app and people have ID it as Virginia wild rye, which is possible however I live on a somewhat isolated island, I’ve not seen other plants like it here and coincidentally both plants are growing within a 10 foot radius of where I planted sepps grain.....
So, maybe my sepp grain did overwinter? Or maybe seed lay dormant for a year or two? Or maybe this isn’t sepp grain at all? What do you who have grown it think. This pic is from where it was planted a few years back, I left this area fallow this year but a couple of these plants grew.
Devin, thanks for the reply, I appreciate the input! How thick do you apply your mulch when sowing seeds? Also do you plant seed in fall or spring?
5 months ago
I also grow leeks. They are pretty easy so I hope I have as much luck with ramps as I do with leeks. I ordered my seeds from

Also, I did a search for threads about ramps and didn’t find much, then once I made my post this popped up as suggested reading Some good info there!
5 months ago
Has anyone here had any success growing ramps from seed? I just ordered a couple packs of seed and am looking for some tips on growing them.

Would I be better off using all wood chips as mulch or should I use only fall leaves or should I do a mix? Should I build A raised bed to plant into?  I’ve read it can take 6-24 months for them to germinate, it might be easier to keep track of where I planted them if I made a slightly raised bed. Should I plant them in fall or spring? Do they require much fertility?

I have a spot in my yard, on the western side of my house, which has a very old, large maple tree and 30 feet to the south a red oak. This area is shaded until around noon then gets dappled shade the rest of the day. However in spring, before the trees leaf out the area gets good sun, I can currently grow hostas and astilbe there. I have been slowly covering the grass with cardboard and a nice layer of wood chips and will be dividing my hostas and astilbe to fill in some area. I’m hoping to eliminate the grass completely here. Does this sound like an appropriate spot to try establishing ramps?

I’d love to hear opinions and what others have tried, whether it worked or not.

5 months ago
I always see the most pollinators/ beneficials around parsnip flowers, they are always buzzing with activity. I have a corner in my backyard that I planted parsnip in and never harvested and now they reseed themselves, I usually leave most of that area to the wild things.
8 months ago
Thanks for the response Eliot! I am inheriting a 80 acre wood lot that has not been managed well. It’s currently regrowth ranging from 10- 60 years old, but never harvested with a long term plan. I would love to turn it into silvopasture/ alley crop and manage it in a way that I could sell carbon credits. I can see how administration for a lot of smaller parcels of land would be a problem, it seems that possibly a “carbon co-op” of land owners close together could help solve the issue.
8 months ago
I’m curious if anyone here is or has been involved in selling carbon credits. Is it even possible for a small scale farmer to become involved? If so, what country are you sequestering in? What practices do you use that count toward a credit which can be sold? I’m interested in hearing anyone’s real world experience with it. Any info I have seen online involves projects encompassing thousands of acres.
8 months ago
Thank you very much for the free plans. This will be a fun project for my work shop!
9 months ago
Great set up mike, next winter I will definitely have a compost coop set up. It just makes too much sense not to.
1 year ago