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re: depression


from a phone.
As far as I know,
'background' radiation didn't exist over a hundred years ago, and happened as a result of hundreds of above, and below-ground, 'tests', vented soon after the explosion.

It increases over-all systemic stress.
6 years ago
We went to a young'ish regional farmer, many miles away -where there was a nice place, land, animals, etc- to check out the farm, etc. Had not heard of permaculture or sepp holzer.

Coming from a guy who speaks the german language, was born around there/here, and is coming from a meeting of a group of farmers with a shortage in attracting young people, whom apparently never heard of permaculture.

so pffft...

i know of no-one incorporating permaculture principals or something like high output brix farming for the east (so-called 'germany')


albeit sepp is one of the biggest symbols of permaculture, is a 'native german' speaker, and merely some hundreds of KM away... yet no has one ever heard of him. Very odd.

ok. One guy - I'm riding my hog [through the city] and have been doing some emissions-tuning, and ask a bicycle rider if it stinks - "no!" and somehow the topic of permaculture is raised, and yes he knows what it is!

His profession: Hairdresser.
6 years ago


The application of electricity, magnetism, monochrome light, and sound can stimulate the growth of plants to a great extent. This little-known technology, called Electro-culture, can accelerate growth rates, increase yields, and improve crop quality. Electro-culture can protect plants from diseases, insects and frost. These methods also can reduce the requirements for fertilizer or pesticides. Farmers can grow bigger and better crops in less time, with less effort, and at a lower cost.

The several approaches to Electro-culture include: antennas, static electricity, direct and alternating current, magnetism, radio frequencies, monochrome and intermittent lighting, and sound. The energies are applied to the seeds, plants, soil or the water and nutrients. - Robert A. Nelson" PDF book
"Growing plants by tapping in to natural energies; such as the telluric currents of the Earth, solar radiation, heat/cold, and wind. Results in a large gain in crop yields, more hardy plants, etc."


ahh... it seems someone else wrote about it earlier:
6 years ago

Seth Wetmore wrote:Look up Mansanto and thier product line, look up glycophosphates (or how ever it is spelled) look for the break down rate if it is biodegradable, photodegradable or if it has to be chemically broken down. How long the process takes etc.

Technically, "22 years."

Taken from here:

You will have to click through the 'security warning' as the Admin decided to self-issue the security certificate (security certificates can be expensive for websites when issued from one of the so-called Trusted website certificate providers, e.g. 'Microsoft', 'Verisign' etc)

Then you will find an excellent training course, with the four parts of audio of John Kempf. I am not sure where he talks about the decay rate; lots of good info... maybe it's in part 2.

6 years ago
Just breezed over the article, stopping here and there to read.

Inherent in what I call the 'sociopathic banker' syndrome*, is the taking of an agricultural lifestyle away from people (or rather them giving it up through their own ignorance - /disclaimer: not a personal comment/ - of the same), and replacing it with the idea of 'food supply' as distant from where people normally habitat themselves. Replacing an agricultural, as in culture, as in living, with dead, or so-called mono-'culture'. {I feel so strongly your natural resistance to moving (farther away from the population centre) is commendable, respectable}.

... Hence the property (not land) price increase not in line with actual value (sunna, or substance). Because the so-called 'money' is not a barter (substance-for-substance), it is just made-up on a computer (which is why hamburgers cost 20USD minimum around the NYC area).

Good luck with the land search. I remember a Joel Salatin comment about being a portable farmer, that if one is 'good' enough, productive enough, it can be replicated anywhere. Let this be a mistake and a lesson wherein ye benefit by making it the one and only time **it happens. Maybe have to sacrifice the permanence of a place for the productive portability (and reproduceability) of a growing agriculture; that'd be hot!

* not using the phrase as a diminutive or personal comment; only a technical description... as it all comes down to an understanding of natural law. Some have it more clearly than others...
7 years ago