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since Sep 22, 2012
I live in a shallow valley that is zone 9 with a very hot & dry Mediterranean climate with hot winds from the W & NW.
The usual annual rainfall is 8.5 inches - but we are in a drought well over 10 years. Very hot in the summer and foggy and cold in the winter.
I do have black locust trees on my property - and some of their seeds have sprouted
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Recent posts by Kw Velasco

I just pledged for the Hard Cover book and the eBook : )

This is so exciting - now I will have true recipes that I can use all the time with my homestead.

Thank you so much, Kate.

I can hardly wait for it to show up at my door.

~ may you get well past in pledges than you ever dreamed ~
2 months ago
It worked for me on the second time to get to it.

Thank you so much : D
2 months ago
Just got back from spending the day in jury duty ; /  and  I am excited to say . . .

I upped my backing to 101.00 so I can participate in all of
the many goodies that I have been hoping for : D

Stretch goals # 4, 5, & 6 are most worthy to me.

Thank you, everyone who has pledged - to get the total up
to where I can get all I wanted!

Happiness : )      

76,605.00 and counting . . .

5 months ago
I like the quote about doing the work now to give a gift to your future self ; )

The older I get - the more this matters to me.
I appreciate getting these types of emails. It brings to my attention posts I did not even know were there

Keep up the good work.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!

I have a request on how the older posts are listed.

When I look to all the marvelous posts of information that are older than the current year - all it says is ' # years ' instead of the actual date.

This can be very frustrating when trying to figure out what time of year the post was made.

Would it be possible to change this feature to show the actual date?

I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you .
Wahoo !!

1601 backers and $51,778 in fulfilling the dream : )

6 months ago
Just put in my money towards this kickstarter !!
I am hoping that you do really well : )
6 months ago