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Ernie Wisner wrote:best bang for the buck is to do the coil around the exhaust for the first 5 feet and build a well insulated box around it. Taking the heat from the barrel the way cold water flow can affect the burn and thats not a good thing.
We dont get creosote and keeping things that way is a good thing. the rest of the system is pretty much the same you will have to tinker a bit with the rate of flow to get it right. I have seen no flash problems in the layout suggested so far. keep your fingers crossed and in another 6 months i will publish the plans. I like to give things a real good test before i make them public. So try the idea at your own risk and please proof it on a test platform outside your house first.

Hey Ernie,
I was just wondering if you had any additional information yet.
I guess the question is open to everyone else as well.
I just found this site a week ago and am toying with the idea of combining the rocket heater to do in-floor heating. Any additional information on things like design and performance would be greatly appreciated.

10 years ago