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Recent posts by Rick Beach

Update, we have a new conference with even more material and hands on workshops. It will be held in Kenlake Park in Kentucky March 21-23. details at www.midwestsustainable.org Discounts for early registration, multiple ticket purchases, and TSP MSB membership. You can camp, get a cabin, stay in the lodge, or just drive in if you are somewhat local.
6 years ago
Hi everyone Rick here.

Been working with permaculture for the last 5 years. I have www.wolfbeachfarms.com and co-organizer and presenter at www.midwestsustainable.org.

I blog and try to help people in the area turning their back yards into food production machines.

We live in 0.2 acre suburban lot and have aquaponics, chickens, fruit trees, edible landscaping just to name a few.

Glad you started this, didn't know there were so many right in my back yard.
6 years ago
Hey thanks Jeff. When we saw on our site where traffic came from I was surprised to see us mentioned here. I am one of the co-presenters so if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer.

Glad you and your wife could make it. We met at the hotel yesterday and put some final touches on the conference. We will have some additional bonus materials and perks for students. We really want to make this about making connections and more face time and discussion than other conferences we have attended. The "personal touch" so to say.
6 years ago
Sometime reader, All the time listener, 1st time poster, and hooked for life.
We have a small with few followers blog we talk about what we are doing to turn our suburban home into a homestead until we can get out to the open farm area. We talk about homesteading in the burbs while still chained to our cubical lifestyles. Prepping and other things we do. We have never blogged before if that isn’t totally obvious, and new to permaculture. We are hooked though. We try to spread to anyone we meet. Some get hooked, some say we are crazy.


We have a 10 x 12 greenhouse where we build a pond for fish and made an aquaponics system. This was our first attempt at aquaponics. Looking back maybe should have started smaller, but go big or go home we guess. After learning from the bigger system we tried making a smaller one indoors. The aquaponics system grows much faster than other plantings we have. And do NOT believe that you ONLY have to grow leafy plants. I have grown cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers thus far. I keep experimenting and trying different things. Some things grow for me, some things don’t. Never know until you try.

We have egg laying chickens, who roam in our back yard, vegetable gardens, greenhouse, can, fruit trees, and working on making edible landscaping, medicinal herb garden. FYI hugelkultur works in containers. We don’t have the land to make big beds (.22 acres) so we tried making them in 30 gal buckets. We have to water less by like a factor of 10 and the plants seem to be growing faster and better and stuff in the ground.

We just started Jan 2012 so totally new at this. We are in zone 5/6.

We hope to open an aquaponics business in 2013 and have an educational center where we would like to educate others about permaculture and better living. Maybe we can get Paul to stop by and talk to some folks! HA We have ordered some of Geoff Lawton’s DVD’s and watched several times. No “official” training yet only books, podcasts, your tube, DVD, vids online ~ 800+ hours. Learning by doing and experimenting as well.

Family of 6. And the older kids listen with us to podcast. They laugh at Paul when he goes on rant.

Rick from Indiana

PS Interested if anyone else is here in Indiana and specifically Indianapolis or surrounding area. Would love to see what others are doing, or have others see what we are doing.