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Recent posts by Randy Jamrok

I'm up in Northwest Indiana. Highland, near Gary.
I would love if we could create a more cohesive statewide permaculture community here in Indiana.
I know there is a Bloomington crowd, an Indy crowd, I'm working on a NWI crowd slowly...

Last year, I was at both the Michigan Perm Convergence and the International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba and wrote a booklet on the things I learned at the IPC.

PRI (Permaculture Research Institute of Australia) posted my description of it, and the booklet is available for free download.


Does anyone want to meetup in Indy sometime?
I'm usually there every 3rd saturday for a meeting with another organization I'm involved with.

Also, feel free to facebook me if you want to stay in touch.

Thanks ,
Randall Jamrok

6 years ago
Hey, fellow Permies!

I am now offering print copies of my booklet "Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change" in which I share what I learned from my recent experience in Cuba at the International Permaculture Congress 11. It is a tool communities can use to help them create bottom-up systemic change. I have a crowd-funding campaign on wethetrees.com where you can get a printed copy of the booklet, or follow a link to download it for free.

Please check it out if you are interested, the link is:

Feel free to share it within your social networks for anyone who may be interested. This is a 30-day campaign.

6 years ago
YAY! They look really nice!
7 years ago
On being a sweet food junkie:
"Diabetes is the CURE--civilization is the disease!" (i.e. the problem is the solution)
(an adaptation of a quote from "truly cultured" by Nancy Lee Bentley, a book I am reading now about fermented foods and how they can balance our systems (as in having a craving for sweets). The original quote is from the founder of marcrobiotics: Cancer is the CURE--civilization is the disease.)
Check it out if you like, fellow Permie!

I just like stevia because you can tear off a leaf and have such an unexpected sweet taste, out of a leaf?!?!?
8 years ago
I have grown stevia in a pot for 2 years now.
Germination is very low, and I believe it prefers "poor" soil.
I overwintered it in the basement. It died back, and then resprouted in the late winter. Then, it died back again, and came back in full force in the spring.
I have attached a picture of it.
I am near Chicago, in Northwest Indiana.
Our climate is pretty much as humid and hot now as a tropical area anyway! Climate Chaos!
8 years ago