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Recent posts by Guadagno Attilio-Cesare

Madeline Breeze wrote: is that in Lancaster, CA?  your stove looks pretty cool, did it work well through our long winter?  hard to tell from your photos how much planting you have done but i see some trees and strawberries!  what has been your greatest success and challenge so far?  thanks for sharing!

Yes, the AMFPEE Land is located on unincorporated Los Angeles County, Butte Valley, (Lancaster), California Republic.

“Lil Frankenstein” (AMFPEE’s new mini-rocket-mass-heater/stove) was only just completed following the completion of this last Winter Season.

Greatest challenge, from my perspective, is creating shade which will withstand OUR strong prevailing winds and the unpredictable other tan prevailing winds.
Perceived “...greatest success...” would be the fact that i have been able to grow food-bearing  plants successfully through to harvest while keeping the plethora of desert reptiles and mammals from eating them before i DO! 💕🙏👑🎉
1 year ago

Madeline Breeze wrote:any update on this post?   im in los angeles but would like to move to high desert or establish some sort of part time base to experiment with permaculture ideas.  socal deserts are rough - hard if you're not there all the time to prevent squatters and thieves grabbing your stuff.  anyone else have experience in this regard?  im somewhat new to the forum but maybe this has been discussed elsewhere.

The Adobe Mountain ⛰ Foothills-Permaculture Experiment Experience (AMF-PEE) continues...! 💕🙏👑🎉
1 year ago

Tracy Wandling wrote:And here are the last of the photos from the Rocket Mass Heater Workshop Jamboree, courtesy of Atillio Cesare.

Oh, those are not the last of the photos I AM, and will BE, shooting!!  All those pix and many videos, as well as all the current and future pix/vid I shoot, can/will be viewed via the link I shared in my post within this thread above...
3 years ago
Here is a PUBLIC access link to the album of all pictures I shot over the course of the RMH Jamboree of Workshops... In-Joy!

3 years ago

Kara Haltom wrote:...continuation of first month update. Apologies for the oversharpened image, next time I will be using a different better file converter.  Weekdays are filled with homestead projects. A few days gathering firewood. A few times sharpening chainsaws and chisels after heavy use. Half of this months time has been dedicated to raising Alerton Abbey. Took down the wall for construction.  We added three additional support post. And verticalized two main posts. Also added footers to distribute structures weight. The other project of canning kitchen on mobile skids is underway. Its complete enough to put in a RMH during upcoming jamboree. Rafters were harvested from burnt area of forest. Many hours of log peeling after that. Learning a lot about notching roundwood. And getting buildings all level and supported. Will post more by end of the year on projects. Weekends are relaxing with opportunities for more work. Got to do some awesome things with new friends. Found great things while dumpster diving. Collected berries. Harvested hundreds of pounds of apples. Made cider. Celebrated J's birthday. Seen a circus in town. Wo knew Missoula could be fun?

Many Blessings on your day

Thanks for sharing yOUR pictures here, with all of OUR peeps, sister Kara!  It has been a joy-full experience BEing a “Boot” with you and J and the others who have come thru over the past 60 days!  Here, for those same permie-peeps who are interested in more images of the playing WE have in-joyed on BaseCamp and The Lab, are the shots I have taken...
3 years ago
Hey, Brother Sam!   It has been quite a while since WE have seen any update from you here...  I trust, and it is my intention, that all is going perfectly well with you and for your high desert site.

I have not been back on California, myself, yet since escrow closed on the Land which I will be returning to steward following the RMH Jamboree of workshops being held here at Wheaton's World on Montana, where I have been living and learning as "A Boot" for the past 50 days.  I look forward to collaborating once I DO return to my native Mother Country/County (if you are open to such a proposition).

Continue to BE well and stay STRONG!

Attilio-Cesare. 👑😏✌🏼❤️🌈🌹🌲🍄
3 years ago
Well,  I just received word that the Vacant Land Purchase Agreement has been accepted and signed into escrow today for 2 acres on the Los Angeles/San Bernardino counties line, Lancaster [Butte Valley] as a new southern California high desert Permaculture Demonstration Learning Homestead.  I look forward to playing together with the rest of us in this area of the California Republic and all of us in cyberspace.
3 years ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:

Guadagno Attilio-Cesare wrote:I will be sending my PayPal grand soon to hold my position.  Being a retired  corporate logistics professional, I AM now researching my logistics strategy from The Angeles County of California to "the Lab".  Any pertinent data toward that move will be greatly appreciated!

We are near Missoula, Montana. Are you asking about traveling for this event, or how to move here for longer or permanently?

Thank you!  Yes, I AM asking about any logistical details such as the timing of air travel prior to and (more specific for me) afterwards.
I have sent a $100 Amazon ecard to paul@richsoil yesterday as my "Gapper" fee and p.m.'d Fred about my intention to "Gapper" / "Boots-to-Roots" beginning at the start of August through to participate in the RMH Workshops Jam...
3 years ago
Thank you for all you are DOing on our Southern California high desert, brother Sam!  I AM a Southern California native who has just recently began looking for Land to Permaculture develop on the Antelope Valley area of Los Angeles County.

Are you open to having visitors and/or volunteers come and stay on your site and assist temporarily?  If so, I would be open to sharing briefly in your experiences there on Barstow.
3 years ago