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I found a bunch of good information about both of the sterile Russian Bocking#14 and #4 Comfrey plants from the gentleman at Coes Comfrey website.

I posted the general differences noted on another thread here about #4 being more deeply rooted thus more drought tolerant and a higher protein content than #14. The allantoin content of #14 is slightly higher than that of #4.

Good food for chickens,rabbits, goats, worms, and soil.

Happy Growing!

8 years ago
The fellow at Coes Comfrey really has a nice page on comfrey.

The choice he made to use Bocking #4 was based on the work of Lawrence D. Hill's research.

Bocking #4 and 14 are both sterile; but the differences were that #4 is deeper rooted and more drought tolerant.

Bocking #4 has more protein and slightly less allantoin than #14.

Since he feeds chickens and goats and his vege gardens the comfrey; he finds #4 most useful.

I was quite happy with the large size and health of his comfrey roots for sale.

And I was delighted with the extra quantities of he sent as a bonus.

The leaf he sent as a gift for my use as medicine was especially appreciated. I love drinking comfrey tea!
Located in Southwestern North Carolina, Coe's Comfrey's plants are a "good buy".

Purplish flower
8 years ago

I too wonder about the varieties of comfrey and have been warned not to plant the seeding variety ever.

There are apparently two sterile varieties available for sale that I know are recommended:

bocking #14 at Horizon Herbs in Oregon

bocking #4 at Coe's Comfrey in NC.

I would like to know where to find information regarding any differences between the two sterile bocking varieties.

I also wonder if the size or age of the roots/cuttings sold vary in any great significance.

I aslo would love to find the link where Dr Duke is said to have compared a bottle of beer's alkaloid content to comfrey tea's in terms of knowing just how safe comfrey leaf tea really is to drink.

I try to get my mother to drink the tea; but the "general" warnings have frightened her.
Yes, this seems a worn out debate; but I believe comfrey leaf tea helps me.
Thanks for such a nice website and contributions from helpful posters.

8 years ago