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since May 21, 2012
Born NYC raised NJ PA FL CA and back to NY
Traveled S America Australia
Recently finished PDC with Jeff Lawton
HUGE thank yous all around for everything on this site.
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Hi Colin,
They are an organic farm upstate NY that I ❀️.
They have a website.  PM me.  I will pick up and mail out. πŸ‘’πŸΎπŸ’š
3 years ago
$5.00 Lip balm
$15.00 Body balm
$1.00 of every sale goes to pie. 🐢🐾
3 years ago
Hello Eric,
There are several local nurseries and farms that we use here in Brooklyn, NYC and the US depending on species and specialty.
Please contact.  Waiting to hear...
3 years ago
Foraging, indoor outdoor planting for fun, education, profit and non, partner/s, companion/s. πŸ‘’πŸΆπŸΎπŸ’š
4 years ago
Facebook πŸ‘’πŸΆ
Plant Ident 101
Closed Group
Welcome to β€˜PLANT IDENT 101’!
We are a chatty, friendly, fun group and we are all here to learn from each other.

We are proving to be an excellent resource for landscapers, professional gardeners, amateur gardeners, students, and teachers alike.
… More
4 years ago
Where are you located?
4 years ago
my new garden has an expert,
Gil Lopez
Smiling Hogshead Ranch
5 years ago
I would love to work under Seth before he leaves. I just
need to work out the details with someone.
6 years ago
Volunteer/s needed for Sweet Springs Institute WV
Land home and large garden for food and lodging. Rose
6 years ago
put your time and money where your 'should' is.