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Recent posts by Steve Page

I bought a meter which determines the ph level not sure how accurate it is but it shows the PH is about between 7 & 8. So I guess add the lime since the alkality is up.

I also bought some Milorganite which is bird poop. It is slow release of nitrogen. Now I just read this is more of activator but not so much as an protein type fertilizer. I am not wanting to do anything that affects the drain off into the water supply. So I am trying to be careful. Any thoughts.

Does a soil sample test give me more information as to what to do? I never did one before.

Help I do not want to make a mistake and have to wait because I put something down I should have considered something else.
8 years ago
I thought I saw using hay and just mulch mow it in is good way to add a natural fertilizer? I don't know if that cost a lot here in West Florida and if that is economical. Anyone else try this method?
8 years ago
Ken thanks for your response but maybe you can explain little further a few things as I read your comments.

3) Spreading lime. I have a spreader which I used for fertilizing is this good to use for the lime. I know it is like a powder rather than like a fertilizer with much larger grains.

4)Compost (big box stores). Do you mean like target, kmart, home depot, lowes?

5) I use well water but I don't know how much water comes out of each sprinkler head. I don't know the pressure that comes from the pump. I don't know how to determine how much will come out. I understand you can put a pressure gauge on the line to see the pressure. Then each sprinkler head when you buy it tells you how many inches of water come from them. But for the ones which oscolate (spelling?)and can be adjusted to deflect how far to shoot across the yard can make it hard to determine how much water gets to a certain area. Other heads just pop up and spray which not much adjusting there so I can probably figure it out for them easier. So I guess I am saying this seems like a lot of things to do to help determine how much water is laid out on your lawn. I don't have a pressure gauge and not sure how to put one on or where to by a correct one. Is there a simpler way?

Ken you mentioned "for the 2 areas you mention, 1.5" of rain is equivalent to nearly 2000 gallons. Running at 2.5 gallons/minute, it will take 13 hours-assuming the sprinklers do their job evenly." Are you saying 1.5" is too much. What do you think is enough water. I can only water once a week with the well water in my area. So maybe you can help me a little more and expand on this subject a little if you can.

7) "Big eye bugs are natural predators of chinch bugs." What are you meaning please? I not sure I know what your meaning. Like lady bugs or something. I don't know how to install lady bugs in a grassy area? I am wondering what you might be suggesting.
8 years ago
Update on the lawn. I appreciate the input from Jeanine, Ken & David thank you.

1) Seems the nut weed problem has been resolved.

2) The thin centipede grass needs to go. I am thinking of plugging for reasons of budget. I thought of buying a 1/2 pallet of St. Augustine and cut out my own plugs. Not sure how to cut the little flat of grass 12' x 8 " pieces you buy that come off the pallet. Then cut them into plugs to save some monies. Not sure what to use to cut them into plugs any ideas?

3) Oh I think I will use lime but not sure how much for the soil. Then maybe organic fertilizer. I also next winter use the leaves and create a compost area with grass clippings to make the compost take action. Then in the spring or summer I will have my own mulch.

4) My question is what are some economical organic fertilizers and where can I buy them. How do I know what to use on my lawn.

5)Watering- I think the trees are so big the root system is competing for water with the grass under the trees. I know I have not done any fertilizing so my grass is thin under the trees still. I think I will boost the watering to 1.5 inches. I don't know how to measure it. I guess I can put like pie pans out at different areas of the lawn when watering. I know certain areas I am suspicious the inches of water is not efficient because the crossover spray of the sprinklers is not there enough.

6) Cutting grass too low===Also figured out my wife and son have been cutting the grass so low during the fall, winter to pick up the leaves from the large oaks. Thus, not helping the stability of the lawn. The grass doesn't have a chance to take in what it needs above the ground. I am educating them on the process to avoid weakening the grass.

7)Bugs-- in particular is chinch bugs. I thnd to deal with them in the past. They are something that love to eat at St Augustine grass roots. Is there a natural remedy to exterminate them?
8 years ago
I have a similar problem in central Florida. My grass in front lawn (about 20 x60 and another area 20 by 20) is not Bermuda grass but is some kind of crab grass I would call it. It is thin and grows like St Augustine but looks nothing like it because it is so thin and survives without much water. Not sure of actual name but want to buy some St Augustine pieces and sorta make my own plugs. Not sure how to cut up a square of St Augustine effectively. Trying to save money rather than buy expensive plugs. So I don't want to use chemicals either to kill the crab type of grass and I want to replace with St. Augustine but budget is tight.

I thought maybe use plastic to kill off areas and then plug it with St. Augustine. Then use a propane torch (bought but not used yet) to kill off anything else wanting to grow in the area until the St. Augustine can take over.

Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

Also, after the St. Augustine is in what do I do to protect it from the chinch bugs. I found having lawns before they eventually make there way into your yard. I want to kill them off to protect my investment in my lawn but do not want to use chemicals.

Any thoughts on that as well.

The other area of concern is the different deceases you grass can develop so I need help reading about that stuff too. Because that can kill your investment too.

I just don't want to end up where I began in a couple of years.
Please someone help me.
8 years ago
I have bot my house late last summer. Summers in FL are hot an tropical. I have a grass in the front I want to kill and replant. I also have a bush area where nut weed grows in the mulch area. The area is about 25' x 60' and another area about 25' x 25'.

Not sure how to do it without using round up which I want to avoid. The nutweed I can use another chemical I know but want to avoid this as well.

The area of concern above is in full sun and I have well water system. I will go to FL Ext Svc to obtain a soil sample soon to help me with what to do next after I remove the crabgrass sorta some type of thin centipede grass that grows when your St.Augustine dyes do to neglect and disapears. I want to replant St. Augustine in this area to match the other areas which are shaded.

I also have in other areas 4 huge oak trees which makes it hard for the St. Augustine to cover the complete area due to not enough sun. I live in one of those deed restricted commuities where almost everyone does the St. Augustine look. I don't mind being different but not sure what to do in the Shade areas that are near the house where the trees shade it as well. Some bare areas are between the the trees branches of the trees vertually touching and where lack of sun seems to be the problem as well. Soon the weeds will start to want to grow in these areas I think.

Help from anyone is welcome please.
9 years ago
Sorta in the same boat only have a small lot in the suburbs near St. Petersburg FL. I posted wrote to Paul Wheaton. I await a response. Just joined this forum today. Hope to track your posting to see the response.

I am just trying to find my post and watch it. I never spent much time doing personal stuff on the internet just work oriented stuff.

Good luck. I plan on buying a few books but need one for Florida because it is different.
9 years ago