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Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Its a great help!
7 years ago
Hey all! I just want to say its great that you folks are here and communicating about this... this lack of permaculture community in MN. I just moved back to the state as well, after a decade or so of traveling and living in very progressive areas. I too was discouraged by the challenges of living in a very 'red' area and came very close to relocating again to a town full of people just like me. Then it dawned on me.... this place is the perfect blank canvas for permaculture. So many folks here are proud of doing things by themselves, and whether they label themselves rednecks, jack pine savages, hicks, hippies or permies, we all have a lot in common. None of us like people telling us what to do, or following convention! Since I made this realization and starting approaching people with this common ground, I've found there are even more similarities than I first thought. Sure some of us will always disagree, but I encourage everyone to take a second look and reach for a common thread... be it wild rice, old ways of plowing fields, hunting, canning, beer (everyone likes beer, right?!) or even sewing. People are rich with knowledge and if you ask the right questions, most are more than willing to engage. And those of us with unique skills are potentially very valuable to those who don't yet have them. If we all knew everything, there'd be no reason to converse right? But if we keep inquiring, sharing and learning, who knows, before long we might just turn ourselves into that community we were missing.

And yes, I'd be interested in a meet-up too, although logistics may be challenging in this far reaching state of ours. None the less, lets give it a whirl!


8 years ago

Hey Sconnies!

Just wanted to let you all know about an awesome event coming up in the Driftless region...
Local Food Day, October 24th, 2012, taking place at the Food Enterprise Center at 1201 North Main St. Viroqua.

Here's the latest line-up of events:

03:00 - 04:00pm
Open Session - tour of the facility, live music, informational booths, kid's events, farmers market and local food vendors

04:00 - 05:00pm
* Informational Sessions - round one
Cooking Demonstration
Funding Your Food/Agriculture Idea
Vernon County Community Food Assessment - 5 Years of Progress
See Jane Grow - How Women Are Transforming Food

05:00 - 06:00pm
Break and Open Session - tour of the facility, live music by Parrish Music Song Group, informational booths, kid's events, farmers market and local food vendors

06:00 - 07:00pm
* Informational Sessions - round two
Farm to School in Vernon County
Farm Bill
How to Access Local Food
Farmstead Chef - Grow, Harvest, Prepare & Share

07:00 - 08:00pm
Social Mixer with live Music & Munchies
(catered by Rooted Spoon - produce & other food items donated by Just Local Foods and dairy products donated by Organic Valley)
Growing Community - come share your knowledge and passion for
local food with your fellow community members (nurture existing
relationships and build new ones).

* For session descriptions view them by time & topic here. You can learn more about each of our speakers here.

Info can be found at

8 years ago
Welcome Joel! I hear you about the financial limitations, but have you noticed all the unused space around? Keep your eye out and I'm sure you'll see a lot of permaculture potentials... empty lots, un-manicured fringes, all sorts of things. Even lots of city parks and public lands have abundant resources for cultivating or sometimes even harvesting (ie. apple or other 'ornamental' trees and shrubs). Also, I found that when I wasn't able to actually 'dig my toes in the ground' it was a great time to read up and make plans for 'someday soon.' A PDC is a fabulous way to get inspired. And as you said, small steps... because they're still steps! Best of luck!

8 years ago
Hey y'all!
I'm living in northern MN (Grand Rapids area) and I'm hoping to find some land and start homesteading soon. I'm also taking the PDC course in Bayfield, WI in a few weeks. Anyone else?
Anyone know any permies in the northland? I'm especially interested in artisan cheesemaking, beekeeping, and natural building- particularly cordwood. If anyone knows anyone involved in those endeavors, or needing an extra hand please let me know!


8 years ago
Hi Peter,
I'm curious how your bee operation worked last year? Did you build the top bar box on the supers like you mentioned? I'd love to see some pics! Any lessons learned?


8 years ago
You may want to post something on ... they have a sustainable farm internship/ apprenticeship job board for exactly what you describe.
8 years ago
Hi Rob,
I've spent the last 7 years cultivating a career that required a lot of school and experience, and now I've got a graduate degree and there aren't any permanent jobs. I weighed my options heavily and almost returned for yet ANOTHER degree.... but luckily realized before it was too late that more school was the last thing I wanted to do. My point is, its easy to keep doing what you think you SHOULD be doing, and ignore what your intuition and soul are telling you to do. My decision making strategy was to make a choice, sit with it for a few days and watch what comes up in you... do you feel regret? relief? excitement?

Two brief thoughts to consider:
1- Higher education institutions are BUSINESSES. That is, they're out to make a profit. They've obviously been very successful in roping in young curious minds and filling them with ideas of what is necessary for their career.... then giving them a bunch of busy work to slow the process of education, all while charging large sums of money for tuition fees and supplies.... which as someone else mentioned, is with you for life- cannot be cancelled even by bankruptcy.
2- Think about what you really want to do, and what you need to learn to get there. Most likely, if you already have a job in your field you don't need the formal education right now. You could learn as much as you can from your collegues, experieces and personal studies, then, if you find you can't advance like you would like, you could always try school again. School will always be there, and will always be anxious to take you (and your money).

Above all, be careful not to work yourself into a tailspin about this. A calm head is a clear head.

Good luck!

8 years ago

Anyone know a beekeeper that's looking for an extra hand, or willing to share their knowledge with a curious and hardworking apprentice? I'm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, but any suggestions are welcome.

8 years ago
Anyone have recommendations for good books or courses on beekeeping? Bonus points if the courses are in the PNW. Thanks!
8 years ago