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Skandi Rogers wrote:They will be fine to eat whatever the issue is, it could be scab, it could also be that something has damaged the skin as they grew and made a small hole. if you rub off the brown mark is it only skin deep or does it go further in.

Thank you - the mark is only skin deep
Thanks all, the sleepers are coming out!

Does anyone know if the brown spots on the potatoes in the photo are potato scab or something else (and if so are they ok to eat)? Potatoes were left in sacks from last year and just harvested.
Thank you for all your responses, that's been really helpful! There aren't tracks under them so I'm going to look up the mushroom idea and then perhaps remove at a later date.
Hi, we have railway sleepers in our garden which were here when we moved in which occasionally leak what looks like black tar. If we were to remove them, how would we restore the soil close to them and how close could we plant vegetables to the area without it being an issue? Thanks!