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I Just found this site 2 days ago and very glad I did.
We put our sons into online homeschooling for the first time in the last school year. We are very glad that we did.
One of my sons having bully problems and being constantly picked on.
My other son was having emotional issues as he is highly intelligent and cannot always handle the other kids.
Then there were the meetings with the school team.

The results after being home schooled for nearly a year:
The boys are thriving! They have never been this healthy either I might add. We haven't had a cough or stomach bug in our home for nearly a year now.
The younger son has settled down and is more interactive with people now.
My eldest has gained a sense of self importance not having to deal with looking over his shoulder all the time.

Best of all their grades have improved immensely! It has been a very positive experience for both of the children.
They have made a deeper connection to the earth as well.
They have taken an interest in learning Aquaponics, which I am an avid supporter of.

Nice to meet you all


8 years ago