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Chad Johnson

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The Place Of Gathering picture is where I first started working with Sepp. Utopia Borealis has just completed extensive earthworks last month.
6 years ago
Hi Shane, I'm unaware of any code problems with these builds.
8 years ago
A great cultivating tool which Sepp and his son use for everything is the Fokin hoe. It looks like a bayonette stamped into a hooked hoe. Designed by V. V. Fokin and beautiful for using on hugels or terraces. I recommend letting somethings come back if you don't want to cultivate the whole thing. You can also let the chickens scratch it up. I'm gradually converting my to perennial.

We're making the Fokin hoes on our Spirit Mountain Farm this year called "Swords Into Plowshares." They're too expensive to ship. Check it out..

8 years ago
What's a Rocket Mass Heater without a bell?

What if it was made of stone and still trapping the heat and then routed to be a convenient cooking surface?

We've opened our outdoor laboratory to not only to make a Rocket Mass Masonry which has a stone bell but also design it to be a simple convenient oven or stove top! A Rocket Mass Heater elevated to become a central cooking mecca.

We're inspired by the recent Gymse heater oven by Lars Helbro of Denmark and think this simple, cheap, and versatile!

There's also no compromising the basic qualities of high efficiency, clean burning, easy handling for the user, one fire per day and 24 hours of heat. It could work on any available chimney flue size, it has the potential of condensing operation, and can operate with the door open (or without a door at all!). Since it can be made from clay and almost any kind of stone, it is designed to be affordable as well.

Third generation stone mason, Eric Moshier, has a rock solid foundation in masonry, heaters, and ovens and will be demonstrating these concepts along with outdoor oven and general stone masonry skills. With over 30 years of experience, he has built Finnish, Swedish, Russian and German style masonry heaters and ovens throughout the Midwest and southern Ontario.

If anyone is interested in joining us, we'll be getting our hands on a lot of great masonry moments this year along with many other exciting natural building and permaculture immersions.


8 years ago
This looks great!

Are exteriors for cold climate possible and is that covered in the DVD?

If not, could you point me anywhere?

Thanks for all this Bart and Chris!
8 years ago
Ladies and gentlemen,

We're excited to announce the 2014 HolzerCulture Convergence! on Spirit Mountain Farm May 30 - 31 and June 1

If you're interested in Sepp Holzer and his practices, we've got something exciting for you!

Check out our amazing year of farmsteading adventure lined up. The HolzerCulture Convergence will just be one of the highlights.


Whether on your farm, your land, or in your own backyard, Sepp Holzer's practices are nothing short of revolutionary and takes giant leaps toward not only toward self sufficiency but bringing your own paradise to life. We've traveled, worked, and learned intimately with Sepp Holzer in many settings over the past two years. Whether reversing deserts or growing lemon trees a mile up in the Alps where it gets 20 to 30 below zero, Sepp's practices literally change the world. We are immensely grateful and are now sharing his practices and imparting the knowledge we've gained during this immersion.

This immersion will give you the insight and hands on experience that does not come through a book. We will also cover site assessment and design, pond making, bonesauce (deer deterrent), mushroom logs, terraces, and casing a spring and whatever else time allows.

Come learn how to create your own slice of heaven. All learning levels welcome. Meals included in the price and free camping on Spirit Mountain Farm.

You probably won't find a more powerfully unique and affordable way to immerse in Sepp's practices.

May the force of Nature be with you,
Chad Johnson
Spirit Mountain Farm
Holzer AgroEcology
8 years ago
Has someone tried an adjustable bell (barrel) height to control the amount of rocket?
8 years ago
Or the crabs can be grafted onto with a lot of success. Anaturally occurring crab (deer or bear droppings) are also a good sign that you're in a potential place to have a successful orchard or fruit tree based food forest.
9 years ago
9 years ago