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Hi there,
we are looking to connect with people that have Helix pomatia. have you managed to find, trap, and raise any?
-Thanks in advance,
2 years ago
Hi, interested in a model I saw a picture of and wondering if anyone manufactures them for purchase?
I searched again (here and Google) and did not find the picture again.
Thanks in advance
5 years ago
One of the downsides to wood, from my perspective is the time needed for the boards (rough cut and green) to be delivered/stacked to dry and season before they could be installed. Installing them wet/green would mean either overlapping a lot to account for shrinkage or dealing with gaps later on.

6 years ago
I love all this info. We have a member of our community that works as the Transfer station attendant in our town. o far we have received a beautiful *huge* window. a door, and a double sided sink. All great things for our project. Still working on a list for him so we can make sure he's looking for all the things we need. Our county does not have restrictions on scraping or anything. there is a "free" stuff shed set beside the dumpsters for people to leave useful things already and wood/mulch/ etc is set in an area that one can easily pull a truck up to and take whats wanted. I'm not as sure about the metal...

craigslist is pretty active and a local farm has what they have labeled a "resource pile" (a junk area that is well stocked and well organized).

I'm gonna work on making friends with locals.
6 years ago
We will be doing the work, and I am aware that daubing clay plaster by hand is more labor intensive than nailing boards up... that is the sort of comparision I am hoping for from this discussion. anyone ever done Daub in NE? plaster?

I just found a local place that will deliver 8 yards of clay to our cabin site for 300$... I think we might do the cob (daub) finish.
6 years ago
Ours is owned by a land trust.

There are upsides and downsides to communally owned land. Everyone here has " ownership" of their own structure but not the land it's on, like a mobile home. There are no deeds (which is causing issues for an absentee member that want to sell her structure but no one here wants to buy it, and she can't find anyone interested in both paying her price and living with the rest of us... Giggle). The founder has no special rights or privileges, but since he's been here longest, and he's oldest, and he knows most about maintenance... He gets a lot of deference.

The land trust protects us all, because the land can not be inherited if someone dies, or sold, or clear cut... It has to be used for the community into perpetuity.
That's a big comfort since I know of communities that have been destroyed when someone died unexpectedly, and the kids inherited/sold the land off. Or someone got serious ill/injured and needed money for medical expenses...

Consider all this before planning?
6 years ago
Have you looked on There seem to be many there. Twelve tribes comes to mind. I'm at dancing bones (nh)... If it wasn't so far I'd say "come on up." I would hate for you to be this far from your kids, though.
6 years ago
Hi all, what's your best source for finding stuff you need?

One of the guys in our community runs the town dump, so we have that cornered. I also have craigslist for our area. Where do you look? I am looking for building materials, but also for furniture, tools, anything that can be re-purposes into household stuff.

Thanks in advance.
6 years ago
I am curious, because various materials *have* different insulative values. They must have *some * effect on the home as a whole. I don't know much about it, though.

I like the idea of a rain screen and will be looking into it more. Any good links you can share?

I think my husband is really interested in wood siding. What can you tell me about other options? I'm in New England and would like to compare price/ labor for plaster, cob, and any other methods. Anyone have thoughts?
6 years ago