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Chris Holly

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since Feb 23, 2012
Illinois, Zone 5A
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Could I begin to use this idea as a way to set up a local recycling program for the take out styrofoam?  This stuff always bugs the crap out of me, and I would be happy to eat the mealworms too!  interesting stuff!  Actually, doesn't this just end up adding to the CO2 problem?  Oy!
3 years ago
What a great title, will be buying this book - one of my big concerns, when things fall apart, how I will get enough calories for me and my family to survive...
This project is a really great story. I would love to see more pictures and get more details about how you have done this!!! You are living the same dream that I have, I hope that you have all that you could hope to have with a home like this...WOW!!!
5 years ago
I thought the podcast was pretty good. I enjoy lots of different points of view, and feel it is especially interesting to explore viewpoints I initially find distasteful or uncomfortable. I agree wholehearted with Mr. Wheaton, sometimes when in a relationship, people simply have to be able to disagree and not have the relationship hinge on the point of view being absolutely the same, no matter what.

The question, in my mind, is always that we must find a way to foster community while retaining the indiviudal right to disagree vehemently. This point of nuance in American culture has disappeared and now there is one right way to think and all others are baloney. I find this to be a destructive force in community, culture and individual life.

So you don't agree? Good. Does that mean people have to hate one another or bad talk each other? I certainly hope there is an ability to learn to respect each other enough as human beings that one can find the common ground to agree to disagree. Individuals shouldn't have to mold themselves to fit into the group; they should be able to share and agree or compromise or disagree and still remain friendly through it all. Some of the best new ideas are forged in a disagreement that, while spirited, doesn't challenge the existence of the relationship.

I started a Linux Users Group with people a while back, and eventually quit attending because nobody wanted to develop a good group that would last despite who participated. Nobody wanted to do the hard work of creating content to present to the group. So it became kind of a social club. Eh, not what I was super interested in at the time. I don't think they even meet anymore. Kind of sad really.

Keep up the great work Mr. Wheaton, despite the haters! I look forward to your podcasts and especially the videos on neat items of permaculture. I am hoping to build my first Rocket Mass stove this summer, for winter vegetable growth. Maybe even talk the wife into including one in the living room....we shall see!

8 years ago