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Recent posts by Eric Brandt

Yo Nick, Sorry for the delay - been in the hills offline. I don't know where you mean with CdA? Canada or?
The property is in SW ID by Weiser ID. Just got word today that we may have found someone to come in
and remove them all, but no details yet.

First time I'm replying/responding to you all - not sure if I'm doing it right and didn't see how I could direct
it to the person in particular. Probably in the help section when I get to it.

Raaen - the poplars use to have a good market her for particle board and veneer - but it's gone for now.
All the poplar farmers are looking for a place to send them here.

Thanks for all your replies. I'll let you know if we get them passed on and how.
11 years ago
Wondering if anyone has a good idea and/or market for the use of poplar trees.
Our family has around 40 acres of poplar trees in western Idaho. The usual market
for them dried up several years ago and we'd like to move them on and get some other
crops going on that land.

One idea/question I have is: would they be good for cordwood masonry built houses?
I don't know how much of that type of building is going on, but maybe they'd be good.

Any good ideas will be appreciated.
11 years ago