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an overnight infusion of rhubarb leaves has been used for a long time over here( Canadian east coast) and is supposed to be THE trick.
8 years ago
Property for sale, would make a great hobby farm.
Rural New Brunswick(Eastern Canada) Village of Cap Pele, next to Shediac.
The charms of the Straight of Northumberland gives it a really nice beach just 1 km from the house. 10 minutes walk puts you on the beach.Kelp compost possibilities.
A house of a story and a half with 2 bedrooms downstairs and a loft and an extra room upstairs.
Small shed and potting shed at the back could be turned into chicken coop and such.
Some small fruit trees already and a parcel already been prepped and grown in organically. Great place for Bees also.
Our own well and sewage connected to the village of Cap Pele. Almost 2 acres.
30 min from Moncton and less then an hour from Prince Eduard Island
Asking $145 000.00. contact me at jacques_lanteigne@hotmail.com
check pics at http://www.farm-dreams.com/group/canadian-farm-dreamers
contact me for more pics
8 years ago
What is all that non sense? if someone doesn't like the way you do things, why would they bother checking your WORK?
I have learned much on here for quite a while now, you inspired me and I have built my straw bale house and Permie farm since last May
cause of all the info I have found here...like a lot of people that fallow your postings. I learned about Rocket Mass stove here and was able to find
the building information cause of you...
I live on the principle that if someone doesn't like my work or info they should go and do there own, and if they still bitch on it they have
the right to go mono Fornicate in Hades.
When someone offers information freely and make the effort to make this place a better world, NO ONE should be aloud to bitch about it without making it themself.

what if the nets where use in double layer attached on drift wood structures and your beach combing would be stuffed in between the two layers of net?
I am thinking of using the system to build a small shed or something and use the left over of the loose straw from my straw bale house. stuffed in between the two layers. it could even be plastered afterward
8 years ago
I am in the North East actually, just south of Bathurst.
if ever you wanna see the installation, we could arrange that.
also I have rhe whole project on FB a page calles
off grid and off "the"grid, macrame granola

8 years ago
Hey George, hey Mike,
I am also in New Brunswick, building a straw bale house.
just about to put my walls up.
living roof isolated with straw.
plastic wrapped till spring and plastered
a rocket mass heater.
I should be comfy year arround
8 years ago
it was also use over here Arcadian territory(french settler on Canadian east coast)
to make split shingles. actually to hold the split shingles in place to shave the top.
8 years ago
hey guys, keep it simple.

if one group of animal could deal with that situation without too much problem,
and with good comeback, it would be Chickens.
Straw should almost never contain seed, unlike hay bales.
and from what I understand, Pumpkin should grow easy in your area.
Just think of the Mayan garden 3 sisters. Mais, beans and pumpkin.
Pumpkin alone is this case would do it. plant it densely and let it produce.
if you don't care for the pumpkins, let em there to re fertilize the land and replant itself till
you are happy with the result and have eaten your fill of pumpkin or sold it in the fall.
8 years ago
also, ducks are really going for slugs and chickens are crazy for maggots, there is post on both subjects here too.
8 years ago
you could build one using bricks or better home made refractory bricks and a pile of sand in this Vietnamese technique. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anagama_kiln
I am building one this summer with refractory bricks. Clay mixed with straw, or dead leafs or sunflower seeds or rice (anything that will leave air bubble in the clay once fired. I would say straw scraps(small pieces) and rice or sunflower seeds would be better. the air bubble make it more isolating and keep your heat in.
8 years ago