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since Dec 20, 2011
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SW Oregon Zone 8b
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I have been living in rural SW Oregon for 13 years developing a Homestead called Treesong. It is several acres in a forested mountain. I learned Natural Building from Ianto Evans, then designed and built an 700' curvilnear building with a Rocket Stove and Living Roof.  The grey water is recycled into the garden.  I read a lot of Permaculture books.  I had Tom Ward come and help me design Key-line paths and future pond sites.  Then took my PDC a few years ago, followed by Optical Surveying for Earth Works.  I taught many WWOOFERS on Treesong and finally took my Teacher Training from Judd Hobbs.  I taught building with Ianto and Linda at Cobville for the past 2 years.  I've had Nigerian Dwarf goats help with fuels reduction work, and developed some hugelkultur beds in zone 1.  Just recently I took a Social Permaculture Class with Starhawk.  I am an elder, and what I learned is that my leadership style is a visionary, and mentor who is moving into a role as collaborator.  I want to bring  a group of diverse people to uform a community on Treesong. In Star's class, we defined diversity as having a variety of gifts and perspectives to fill a role and niches working together to create strong resilient bonds so everyone thrives.  Treesong is held in a living Trust, never to be sold.  The goal is an ultimate Permaculture Design for a model to teach Advanced Permaculture Skills emergence workshops.  Please tell me about yourself; skills, interests, dreams, even those not necessarily pertaining to Permaculture.
2 years ago

Treesong Permaculture is offering an emersion program located off-grid in rural Southern Oregon.
August 22 October 22 2016 $1250 includes meals,
Primative shelter, and Certificate

Instructor Hazel Speer learned Ecological Dedsign at the North American School of Natural Building.
She has advanced training in Optical Surveying for Earth Works from Siskiyou Permaculture, and
Teacher Training from Cascadia Permaculture.
She has designed and developed a 6 acre ultimate Permaculture Homestead

Learn hands on:
Natural Building cob, stacked cob wood, earthern floors
Appropriate Technology
Rocket Stove Cob oven, passive soloar design
Surveying and Earthworks
Humanure Composting and grey water re-use
Holistic Animal management, and humane harvest
Forest Gardening, and hugelculture
and much more

Must have completed PDC, and have experience with hand tools
Class size is limited to 4

Contact: Hazel at for more information
4 years ago
There is an ORS that says an Agricultural building no matter what size is exempt from building permit
4 years ago
I am being harassed for a natural building w/o permit. There was never a complaint filed, it just came to their attention, then they are insisting that I let them beyond my locked gate on the end of a private road. I am the owner / builder. I went to the North American School of Natural Building. I need a lawyer to find out my rights.
5 years ago
Hi Ernie, Glad to see your Rumford has a straight back! Also, your cob oven has a chimney. Do you have a video for sale about RMH/water heater?
Thanks, Danene
6 years ago
Land in Ashland is VERY spendy. Try going towards Williams, Applegate, and Illinois Valley. It's a yuppie College town, I used to live in Corvallis and it's the same thing.
6 years ago
Treesong Permaculture Farm in SW Oregon is accepting interns for 2014.
After selection, there is a 3 day trial period, to see if it is a fit. We do not have short term positions. There must be a 3 mo. commitment.
Treesong is a Permaculture Homestead laid out on the key-line. We are located 25 mi. east of Brookings, OR as the crow flies. We are in the foothills of Lone Mountain on a SE facing slope in the forest. Elevation is 1640-1880 feet.
We believe animals are an integral part of the farm, and humanely harvest our animals. We use paddock shift grazing & forage in the wild.
We have a 750’ curvilinear eclectic natural building w/living roof, rocket stove, cob oven, & stack cob-wood goat house w/living roof.
There are many natural building, appropriate technology, & other Permaculture projects.
For more information e-mail
6 years ago
Cob benches are very heavy, the reason they are able to store heat. They are most likely on a solid foundation like concrete or an earthen floor. A Mobile may not support this mass.
7 years ago
It doesn't look like you have a roof. I would use a lime, sand, earth, cow manure & flour paste for the final plaster over the bricks and continue up the oven for it to all blen. the flour paste is very sticky, put it on thin as it has a tendency to slump if it's to heavy. Carol Crews has an excellant book called Clay Culture with different recipes. I live in Oregon so it's also necessary for a roof, or you'll have to cover it when it rains.
8 years ago
Thanks again Alder. BTW, I met Isabel at the Frog Farm in Takilma. I grew up on a small family farm in Oregon and we had pigs, however I'm using different breeds. I will definately pay attention to the fence staying on for sure.