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Recent posts by Christian Burns

I am wondering if you could have some kind of stretch goal for a 20 min documentary that would be free for all about how amazing and revolutionary RMH would be, posted to YouTube if you raise some crazy number, like 60k or 80k

We ended up buying wood stoves 2.0 on Amazon. I have to say this is awesome. I couldn't see any typos.
The world is certainly richer for having Paul's podcast conversations recorded, and available. And yet the said desire for permaculture to be spread far and wide is hindered by the excessive use of profanity.

If I was to have you over to my home to eat at my table with my children, who here would think it would be appropriate to use the so called "full beauty of the English language" in front of my children? It would show a lack of maturity. It's something I expect when at walmart that some fellow shopper is going to say Fuck loud enough for my kids to hear. It's the pollution argument. Potty mouth. I tell the kids that if they want to talk about poop they can go into the bathroom.

If you are on Jacks show or NPR you modulate your language use accordingly.

Permies is your house and we don't really want to argue with you here. I listen to all your podcast but by your use of adult language you limit the audience. That is unfortunate.

All we are saying is that if you claim to want to reach more people, modifying your language would help the cause.
6 years ago
Make an amazon wish list and put the drone in it, then give naming rights to whoever buys it for you. The land looks amazing. I am super excited to see the theory put into practice.
7 years ago
Paul, a quad copter that can record video and be controlled with your ipad is just $300. I would say it would be well worth the money
7 years ago
Maybe one day we could get a talk going with Paul in Skagit Valley. Hmm.
8 years ago
Well it's not going to work out for us. Too far on a work night. Maybe next time. Can it still be a podcast?
8 years ago
Ok, my wife and I definitely are planning to attend. Just need to find child care.
8 years ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:Ernie dosen't suffer fools well. On several occasions he has asked people to read the older threads, to watch the videos and when they're seriously ready to build, he encourages them to buy the book. He has built over 700 units and has answered many questions over and over again.

Many of the answers are available simply by searching his postings and on his website. Let's do him the courtesy of educating ourselves so that we don't waste his time on stuff that has already been covered to death.

I wonder if a wiki compiled by others that would incorporate earlier threads would help?
I just got the book for Christmas. I added it to my wish list on Amazon and was delighted to get it.

I would love to hear discussion about how to could be set up in a non-permanant way in an existing house.

How much smoke can get back in the home?

Any plans to make a kickstarter project to pay for some kind of federal certification?

Please have a good long chat, we love hanging out with all of you, and it feels like we are part of the conversation.