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I've only just started with my sheep operations as well, I did 3 lambs this year, katahdin/dorper crosses, compared to the neighbors horses, they hardly ate anything, especially the first month or so of my ownership, but giving them enough space to be comfortable and moving daily, they went through probably close to 3 acres IN MY ENVIRONMENT
I think that if I do not graze horses next year I can probably manage to utilize the 10 acres I have access to without a large amount of hay feeding through the winter with 2 ewes and a ram, but of course time will tell

the sat photo makes me think that you raised pasture raised poultry just south of the house there, is that true? if so, what did you notice about the grass in that pasture? did it regrow within the same grow season? how long did that take? how tall did it get when ungrazed? how tall after the birds were on it? answering these may help you to understand whether your land can handle a second grazing or not
how was the 2019 season?
7 months ago
Cold today well call this observation
7 months ago
Cast iron... with a bonus gallon of mead...
7 months ago
oikos tree crops just released a perennial vegetable seed catalog, thatd be worth looking at!
A few new Additions, Mostly around developing an online presence for my local Farm site regarding my operations surrounding microgreens and seasonal pasture raised chicken and grassfed lamb
link is in my signature
I've also added a little bit of Cackleberry Farm and Garden swag to my zazzle and redbubble store, personally I like the tote bag:)
7 months ago
Miles, how is the project property going? If you happen to find yourself in the Casper area, feel free to stop by and say hi, you can get my contact info on my website if youre in town:)
7 months ago

Su Ba wrote:Ok, I'll take a stab at this. Just keep in mind that without examine the bird, this is going to be a wild guess.

The lack of neck feathers and the red pigmented skin appears to be normal since the birds have Turkin DNA. My own Turkins looked that this. The neck skin is thicker on the Turkins that other feathered breeds.

Your description of the blood under skin seems consistent with what is called a subdural hematoma. This is essentially a pool of "clotted" blood under the skin, often accompanied with edema (excess fluid in the tissues). The most common cause would be an injury. I can't begin to guess what that injury would be. Perhaps a fight. Perhaps a fall. Perhaps the hen slammed into something while trying to escape an attacker. Perhaps overly amorous attention from a rooster (roosters have been known to kill hen's, though not out of hatred).

Subdural hematomas usually don't cause problems, but I have seen some that became septic, thus killing the animal. Possibly this may be the case with this hen. Hard to tell.

This is along the lines of my thoughts
The photos remind me of what I call a blood tumor, my eldest dog once had one that grew on his neck until it burst, from my reading he was fortunate that it burst externally, internal bursting almost certainly means death, perhaps that's what happened to this hen
I've also read that it usually develops from getting some foreign matter into a wound that doesnt find it's way out
He later developed(and still has) another large tumor on his leg, I thought it was another blood tumor and given the circumstances of my living arrangement at the time I attempted to lance and drain this before it burst on my roommates carpet like the previous one did, this turned out to be a terrible idea as there appeared to be no blood to drain and I caused the poor dog unnecessary pain

Moral of my story was that i would not attempt to perform surgery to drain the growth
If possible spend more time observing to see if there is an overly aggressive bird or a plethora of sharp debris that could become lodged in the bird

Another thought off the cuff, perhaps a blood vessel burst under the skin?
7 months ago