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Food Forest wrote:

Adam Gulliford wrote:
Has there been more details around this event? I bought my ticket last night!

Mainly around logistics:

will I be expected to find my way on transportation (to and from airport, around to lodging, etc)?
Will camping be available on the site?
Is it likely to be super cold/camping not feasible in early May?
Anyone have a free couch for that week?


Coming in from Charleston, SC for the ten days or so with Sepp and these are my concerns as well.  Thanks

camping is very doable in early spring... but it gets a bit crisp (I live in the flathead so I have glacier water for blood though )
I wouldn't get anything too spendy, but a good sleeping bag is a must
also, i can't promise anything but I could do what I can to help with rides from the airport, for supplies, etc.
10 years ago