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Recent posts by Andrea Wisner

Does anyone here professionally research,write and present arguments to permitting departments for alternatives to septic systems? Here's some info:

If not, maybe someone here should start that as a career. People would pay a few hundred rather than $20,000 for an engineered septic system.
2 years ago
Yes, I'm looking into community land trusts. Good link!

2 years ago
Jon, we did communicate recently. I think the hanging point is that you follow Weston Price and I tend toward plant-based/vegan, and my impression is that you would want your partners to also follow Weston Price. I do think domestic animals may have a role as partners in a community, but their interests must be respected if they're included. Of course, wild animals also are part of the community.

We're looking west of I-75 north of Tampa, but would consider Plant City.
2 years ago
When you talk about creative use of bone, I think of Dan Phillips --
2 years ago
S. Bengi, good questions. I have been informed by a Tiny House group person that the county I am looking at does not allow houses under 600 square feet. I assume other counties have similar rules. However, I know there is different law relating to farm workers that we might be able to use, considering that I'm looking at a worker-owned cooperative permaculture space. Alternatively, we can find a way to work with 600 square feet.

As to lot size, my experience in my permaculture studies showed that individual lots of about 1/4 acre were much more productive per square foot than huge expanses of acreage, which makes sense because it's much easier to get to the area right around your house, and you see it every day. Therefore, I'm looking at individual spaces of that size, possibly less, with edges around the property being given over to Zones 5 and up.

As to type of farming, I'm looking at 50% or more subsistence crops (i.e. for personal use), and the rest location-appropriate "market gardening" in order to pay property taxes and other incidental costs of the land and cooperative.

Apparently, according to the one person who has given excellent input so far, I did not define restrictions enough in my posting. There's a reason for that, since I'm waiting for interested people to give input on possible restrictions. However, it's possible that the majority opinion would create a space that I'm not comfortable in. That's fine. I don't mind doing a certain amount of coordinating and not ending up as part of the finished product. On the other hand, perhaps if I were more specific I would attract more interest. I doubt it! I just need to find the right forum to promote my ideas.

Input will be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
2 years ago
Forming west-central Florida permaculture community, August 2018. See the Directory for more detail. (The name may change at some point.) Looking for people to join me in formation. I obtained a permaculture certificate in 2012 from Urban Harvest Houston, and my project was (theoretical) community.

Will be ready to obtain land soon.

Some info:

The plan is to form initial structure, including name, location, "rules," etc. with the initial members, but permaculture/transition/cohousing models will be used. There's quite a bit of flexibility at this time.

This is intended to be a working permaculture farm/food forest, and members are expected to provide a significant number of hours of community work each week. It's intended that this be paying work as soon as it's possible to do so, as a "worker-owned cooperative." Details need to be worked out, of course. Tax consequences will be taken into account...

It's intended that the community be as sustainable/regenerative as possible, which means we do not intend to have luxury homes at this time. :-O Conservation of energy will be as important as generation of renewable energy. Intensive growing will be used as opposed to spreading out on dozens of acres.

Open to ideas.

2 years ago
I want to add that I have posted more info in the directory at, search on "west central florida" or just "west florida." I have been advised by someone interested in what I'm doing that that the info is maybe not detailed enough, so I will get around to updating it at some point. Until then, please feel free to message me with questions/comments. Note that I don't check my messages often enough and may miss some, so maybe try a second time if no response.
2 years ago
Hey, did you start your west fl food forest yet? I'm ready to do the same.
2 years ago
Oh here's another one, "netzero," super-insulated SIPs and super-expensive:

I'm not really sure it counts as a kit home. I think you have to use their company to place it on-site. Maybe you could diy the finishing out.
2 years ago
This is great input. Thanks.

I also have website of another company, although I have no opinions on them, pro or con:

I would like to hear opinions on the options, if anyone is aware.
2 years ago