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Yeah these guys are related
Same database but converted to an open source wiki
8 years ago
Just saw this on the permaculture subreddit:

Amazing resource and worth the visit.
8 years ago
Matthew mentioned 4 possible categories.
I maybe put a twist on a couple of them but how do these sound?

harvest yeild
Altruism - how the species helps its environment
Misc. - wood for structures, make beer out of it, good toilet paper, etc

Also no reason to repeat species but it would be fun if a few of the really top tier species had a place in at least a few of the other suits simultaneously.
9 years ago
You know what Mathew I think your post made me remember the original focus of the deck. I think having top rated plant/fungal/animal species just feels better to me.

Trying to fit in all sorts of things into one deck makes it seem overloaded.

I would rather not force fit.

If anything it makes it obvious what any follow up decks may look like and be about.

Also super idea about focusing on uses for suits. Initially I thought that by virtue of each of the top rated plants being a top permaculture plant, each species will be repeated in each of the suits. And I though that felt silly.

But on second thought I think that sounds great.
9 years ago
That's gonna be one of the top ones I feel.

I think if each climate zone gets a deck then kickstarter is a great idea. I see yours was successful Paul, congrats!

As this is a first attempt I think just trying to come to some consensus on the top 52 permaculture things is going to be challenging enough.

I'm still uncertain about whether to categorize by suit, whether to just mix randomly, have the face cards as people or what. My issue with not having the suits mean anything makes the deck feel haphazard.

If the suits did represent something I still like: heart for species, Spade for structures and tools, Diamonds for techniques, and clubs for people.

Alternately suits could represent 4 main climates zones. That way there are a few people as face cards who have done something notable in that zone and then top ten applicable things.

so it feels like the deck could live in a few different ways:

1) totally random (not really on board with this one)
2) top 52 ranked from Ace of spades to 2 of clubs
3) suits representing 4 categories, be it climate zones or classification of things
4) numbers for some things and face cards for others, maybe suit plays a role, maybe not

I'll put some more thought into this but would love any input.

Currently I'm just working on the card back design and front face template.

Although the deck needs to be figured out I've started compiling some lists.

For a people list I've got some of the obvious ones here:

Bill mollison
David holmgren
Robert Hart
Sepp Holzer
P.A. Yeomans
Masanobu Fukuoka
Ruth Stout
Esther Deans
Stuart Brand
George Lai Chan
Rudolph Steiner
Mike Oehler
Franklin Hiram King
Joseph Russell

9 years ago
also maybe one whole suit devoted to holmgren's 12 design principles...
just a thought
9 years ago
maybe, I sort of thought it would make sense of the deck a little more. A reason for the suits as opposed to an arbitrary designation.

Things will be left out no matter what and bottom of the barrel probably isn't a scenario.
There are plenty of people, dozens of techniques and a whack of objects and structures along with hundreds of potential species to choose from.

Do you know any one-eyed permaculturists?
9 years ago
and yes I think some info per item is a good idea.

Also for the sake of being diplomatic if we are going to be ranking people we will only be doing so for their overall contribution to permaculture... Fair?
9 years ago
Well I see we have a challenge ahead.

I think I'd like to try my hand at drawing them along with computer illustrations and designs. My only concern is making them look consistent and kick ass!

Here's an idea:
Perhaps we categorize by suit.

One suit devoted to plants and animals
One suit to structures
One suit to people
One suit to techniques

Does this sound good?

I like this as I can design an appropriate look to each suit so the whole deck doesn't end up looking like a dog's breakfast.

I agree that some more trees would be good but if there are only 13 open spots, which would they be. Red Alder, the mighty apple, lots to decide.

The chicken or goat may need to make the pile too.

9 years ago