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Check in - are you okay?
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
82 L. Johnson
Ulla Bisgaard
personal challenges
Seed starting greenhouse 32 L. Johnson
Patty Haltmar
gardening for beginners
Bow saw blades 13 L. Johnson
Gilly Burke
Exploring roundwood joinery 8 L. Johnson
Roberto pokachinni
roundwood and timber framing
101 Things to do with a pile of sticks
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
65 L. Johnson
Ara Murray
forest garden
This is knot a thread (examples of knots in use on the homestead) 14 L. Johnson
Timothy Norton
plant fibers
Do you Low Tech?
[ 1, 2 ]
61 L. Johnson
David Wieland
Fairy Garden 4 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
living art
Sansai (Japanese Mountain Vegetables) or Foraging in Japan 17 L. Johnson
Jeff Steez
wild harvesting
Weedy Garden's movie "Down the Carrot Hole" is out 6 L. Johnson
Jules Silverlock
Restoring old hand me down tools
[ 1, 2 ]
42 L. Johnson
Denise Cares
When opportunity arises - make a permaculture garden! 4 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
When to weed and when to let be 37 L. Johnson
Jules Silverlock
gardening for beginners
Kids break things - Creative fixes 8 L. Johnson
Nancy Reading
Do you self-talk, whistle, hum, or ramble while you work? 19 L. Johnson
John Weiland
meaningless drivel
Simple illustration of a microclimate 6 L. Johnson
Nancy Reading
Pallet compost station design question 3 L. Johnson
John F Dean
Techniques for estimating measurements 8 L. Johnson
Cristobal Cristo
permaculture design
Sumerian Beer! 2 L. Johnson
Nicole Alderman
Alternatives to store bought self care products 6 L. Johnson
Jan White
personal care
Building beautifully - Where do you find your inspiration? 8 L. Johnson
Steve Zoma
natural building
Processing Chestnuts - How do you do it? 22 L. Johnson
Brian Cady
Home garden in Japan
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <8, 9, 10 ]
78 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Ohsoji - Big Year End Cleaning Time! 9 L. Johnson
Jesse Glessner
home care
Old Timey Homestead Tools and Implements 4 L. Johnson
Cal Roiget
What tools do you use to harvest? 5 L. Johnson
Anne Miller
gardening for beginners
PEX Japan 5 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Forested land to coppice? 3 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
What's your favorite Permaculture location? 4 L. Johnson
Anne Miller
permaculture artisans
Rocket newbie advice 15 L. Johnson
Thomas Tipton
rocket stoves
Yet another 100,000 calorie challenge 24 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
skip workshop
Any casual or serious folk musicians in the crowd? 9 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Eco-friendly DIY Bicycle Maintenance 9 L. Johnson
Michael Cox
Various Public Domain Manuals by Paul N. Hasluck 0 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Moved Useful tools for resizing many images for upload to permies 0 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
tinkering with this site
Restoring soil and restoring land 2 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
social justice
Finishing the inside of a metal frame storage shed as naturally as possible 17 L. Johnson
B Zalm
natural building
Vegetables for Learning Gardening 13 L. Johnson
Toko Aakster
gardening for beginners
Help a newbie - valve stuck 16 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Salvaged Chest of Drawers - Up/recycling project to be determined 1 L. Johnson
Angela Wilcox
MidJourney permaculture pics 0 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
meaningless drivel
Moved PEP nest new BB proposal 0 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Old hose - new laundry line 2 L. Johnson
Douglas Alpenstock
How do you sketch out your (day)dreams? 0 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
productive downtime
Concrete cracks 2 L. Johnson
Daniel Schmidt
tips for awkward spots
Silky Gomboy Folding Saw - Blade replacement hiccup 1 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Stock Knife / Clogger's Knife 4 L. Johnson
Nancy Reading
Therapeutic Gardening 7 L. Johnson
Lynne Rey
gardening for beginners
Homemade Nankin Kanna (Japanese Spokeshave) 5 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Killing seeds with a weed soak? 2 L. Johnson
Douglas Alpenstock
Making Videos with Kids 1 L. Johnson
Jenny Wright
My journey into spoon-making 29 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Wheelbarrow maintenance 23 L. Johnson
Jay Angler
Today I ... (The Digital Pat on the Back Thread) 15 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
meaningless drivel
Trying to make new handles for some small axes 11 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Shaving Horse Build-Along 15 L. Johnson
L. Johnson
Help me understand vegetable water needs 6 L. Johnson
Tereza Okava
gardening for beginners
Plant vegetables based on weed indicators? 11 L. Johnson
Thekla McDaniels
gardening for beginners
James Webb Telescope 1 L. Johnson
Eric Hanson
science and research
Non-English Books 2 L. Johnson
L. Johnson