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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
Safety of biogas slurry, and how time effective is biogas vs rocket stove? 1 Annie Hope
Matthew Niedbala
grey water
"Farmer Boy" apple Cider - Was it non-alcoholic? 10 Annie Hope
Cj Picker
limiting proteins - Whey vs Frozen Curds as chicken food 1 Annie Hope
Anne Miller
Pre-calving Jersey food restrictions 1 Annie Hope
April Wickes
Growing Biannuals Year Round without going to seed 1 Annie Hope
Jeff Peter
How to ensure a "new" raspberry plant 12 Annie Hope
Daniel Kaplan
Growing a sprouted garlic in summer 6 Annie Hope
John Indaburgh
Growing kiwifruit vertically in a paddock fence 2 Annie Hope
Hans Quistorff
Traditional French Mesclun Mix ratios 2 Annie Hope
Anne Miller
urban gardening
Do you have a woodchip market garden? 4 Annie Hope
L. Johnson
market garden
Netting Berries Options 1 Annie Hope
Anne Miller
Measuring the productivity of dual purpose vs diary cows and temperate vs tropical climate 0 Annie Hope
Annie Hope
making a quilt hut in a greenhouse 6 Annie Hope
Janette Raven
nomadic housing
Small Cheap Indoor Natural Pool - what is the cheapest filter pool option? 5 Annie Hope
Hugo Morvan
Building a historical tiny house from Laura Ingalls Wilder books 7 Annie Hope
Annie Hope
tiny house
how toxic is soil after a plastic/rubber fire, and what to do about it? 3 Annie Hope
Eric Hanson
rainwater catchment
Preventing piglet crushing with removal and supervise feeding 9 Annie Hope
John F Dean
Dual purpose Dwarf beans - green beans or dried or stock food 1 Annie Hope
Tereza Okava
gardening for beginners
Oyster mushroom - hole size and number 1 Annie Hope
Christopher Parker
Oyster Mushrooms as stock feed - nutritional benefit after harvesting mushrooms 6 Annie Hope
James Landreth
Backyard Revolution / Zig Zag solar panel tower 12 Annie Hope
Michael S. New
First-time mother with small teats, little milk 4 Annie Hope
Carla Burke
How hot a fire do you need to make a thermal mass bench? 5 Annie Hope
William Bronson
rocket mass heaters
Getting pumps pulling in solar hydronic heating - and advice of sizing. 2 Annie Hope
David Baillie
What do you do with the biogas waste - is it toxic to soil? 3 Annie Hope
Travis Johnson
Efficiency with wider-spacing plex risers in solar water DIY panel 1 Annie Hope
Kai Walker
most efficient generator and solar battery set-up for portable kitchen 9 Annie Hope
S Bengi
alternative energy
Pruning raspberry canes for moving 5 Annie Hope
Walt Chase
Low pH (corrected from low acid) food forest for Blueberries 5 Annie Hope
Gurkan Yeniceri
forest garden
Making a simple water filter for a small pool 7 Annie Hope
Brian Rodgers
evacuated tubes - place them inside or outside the greenhouse? 3 Annie Hope
Jackie Wang
What makes various types of wood [not] grow good oyster mushrooms? 2 Annie Hope
Dc Brown
"'Deuteronomy" free-pick garden - what would be good plants? 3 Annie Hope
Sarah Koster
Best yield - should you cut seed potatoes 5 Annie Hope
John Indaburgh
Would you raise a calf on skim milk? 6 Annie Hope
James Landreth
Using wood as a heat store in a lean-to 4 Annie Hope
John C Daley
passive solar
Best means to heat pot - directly over flame, or reburn drum top of thermal mass rocket stove 1 Annie Hope
Satamax Antone
rocket stoves
solar hot water for heating house - doing the maths 0 Annie Hope
Annie Hope
Fridge-fermented Quince juice/wine - how can I replicate this? 2 Annie Hope
Blaine Clark
Stimulating a goat into milk 4 Annie Hope
Su Ba
goats and sheep
IBC 1000L methane midi - do they smell? how close to the house can you place it? 0 Annie Hope
Annie Hope
Path for pre-schoolers to pedal bike on 3 Annie Hope
Judith Browning
earthen floor
Most cost effective heat transfer from solar heated hot water 2 Annie Hope
frank li
Shitake mushrooms on pear / plum logs - any success? 7 Annie Hope
John Suavecito
Silage / Moist mass as building material - what will happen?? 7 Annie Hope
Travis Johnson
breeding black soldier flies - Anything else I can do - or give up? 2 Annie Hope
Alder Burns
Homemade hot water tank from solar heating - best insulation 9 Annie Hope
frank li
Rocket stove core with perlite and refractory cement? 5 Annie Hope
John McDoodle
rocket mass heaters
Brisket bbq stove advice - using a cast iron oven/stove - fire box size 4 Annie Hope
Jack Edmondson
wood burning stoves
How close can well composted pumpkins grow? 13 Annie Hope
Charli Wilson
Plant spacing in layered food forest / wind shelter belt 1 Annie Hope
Miles Flansburg
forest garden
How to set up power for greenhouse fan and thermostat 8 Annie Hope
frank li
Food forest tree to make winter windbreak 4 Annie Hope
elle sagenev
forest garden
What is the best whey to make Halloumi 0 Annie Hope
Annie Hope
Crickets or Locusts - best natural diet? 13 Annie Hope
Todd Parr
Compost worms toxic to animals? 3 Annie Hope
Tyler Ludens
Composting mill woodchips - is it possible? 5 Annie Hope
steve bossie
Getting the Carbon:Nitrogen Ratio right when Growing feild mushrooms / Agaricus bisporus 4 Annie Hope
steve bossie
Can you turn compost heat into energy? 5 Annie Hope
Connor Macreno
alternative energy