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Delvin Solkinson
Post     Subject: Free Permaculture Core Curriculum Notes

"Listen to nature's voice, it contains treasures for you" - Huron Tribe proverb

Joyed to have a full hardcover proof of the new Permaculture Design Notes Book sharing curriculum from the PDC, a teachers manual and information on medicine making and food preservation.

What a journey over 19 years and so many different editions before reaching this stage as a fully articulated textbook!

This will be a free download online for all.

Also making a special, hand numbered, limited edition printing of the 2021 version of the book.

Delvin entirely volunteers to create this work.

Thanks to the core team Delvin & Grace Solkinson, Kym Chi, Dana Wilson, Tamara Griffiths, Annaliese Hordern, Brenna Quinlan & Alexa Spaddy. Also to proof readers including Niki Hammond, Tes Tesla, Stephanie Johnson & Kate Houle. Deep thanks go to my core teachers Bill Mollison, Rosemary Morrow, Larry Santoyo, Toby Hemenway, Looby Macnamara, David Holmgren, Robin Clayfield, Michael Becker, Starhawk, Patricia Michael, Geoff Lawton, Mark Lakeman, Max Lindegger, Sam Bullock, Doug Bullock, Tomi Hazel, Jude Hobbs, Susun Weed, Robyn Francis, April Sampson-Kelly, Graham Bell, Aranya, Chris Evans and many more