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Pamela Schmidt
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Thanks for all the warm welcomes!  Will be soaking up all the info on the board.  And will be asking questions for sure!!  haha
Jarret Hynd
Post     Subject: Intro from a newb

Welcome :)

Sounds like you've got a nice set-up and have a lot planned already.

Pamela Schmidt wrote: Right now our income is low so we will be looking at ways to do everything as low-cost as possible.  

There is a Frugality subforum that might be of interest to you. Some of the recent Financial Strategy topics have some good advice in them aswell.

Enjoy your stay and have fun learning!
Karen Donnachaidh
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Hi Pamela! Welcome to Permies. It's very nice to meet you too. This site is full of useful information and friendly people who are willing to help answer questions. Keep us posted on your progress and holler if you need anything. Good luck.

(These threads may help you navigate the site easier:
James Freyr
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Hi Pamela! Welcome to permies.

Yup, you'll find a lot of like minded people here with similar pursuits in life. Permies is a great resource for learning and communicating ideas about homesteading and permaculture among friendly people. A lot of us here know different things regarding this lifestyle we pursue. I myself am into gardening and growing food, as are many others here as well. Some folks raise livestock (I want to, but wife and I aren't there yet), and others know a lot about land/water management and permaculture design, just to mention a few things. I'm more than happy to help you with questions about gardening and soil, so feel free to ask. We'll turn your thumb green.
Pamela Schmidt
Post     Subject: Intro from a newb

Hi all!!   Nice to meet ya.  
In doing research I found this community with like minded individuals, hope to learn and share as we start this journey.
Our goal:  To live debt-free while learning about permaculture and homesteading and enjoying an alternative life view away from the rat-race mentality.
Who we are:  Newly married with blended small family; hubby-new to this thinking but excited about the freedom aspect, me-the wanna-be green thumb'er and freedom searcher, his son-a senior in high-school who will be off to college soon, my daughter-married with grandbaby that lives a few hours away .
What we have to work with: Hubby brought the inherited 14 acres of land about 8 miles from the town we live in.  Just found out his parents had a trailer on the land previously which gives hope to well and septic already there, along with power lines to work with until we can eventually go off-grid.  I brought the paid for mobile home and paid for vehicles, along with being in school now so student loans but for possible future work online income.  Right now our income is low so we will be looking at ways to do everything as low-cost as possible.
What we might be able to swing:  Looking to move either this mobile home we live in to the land, or find cheap one to move and remodel while staying where we are (it's cheap to live here) until liveable, then selling current home in the mobile home park after we move.
What we dream to accomplish?  An oasis that has that indescribable feeling that your home place is your sanctuary..  it is yours you built with blood, sweat and tears, it's paid for.. yours.  Want it set up to take advantage of passive solar energy in this crazy Oklahoma weather, eventual off-grid, eventual garden to grow some produce (that is me dreaming BIG...   seriously, black thumb here.  baby steps, right?), a full root cellar and pantry, monetary needs low enough to have the freedom to pursue hobbies that may cover our income needs, and the feeling that we no longer subscribe to the Joneses mentality because we don't need to compete with anyone, our choice of living brings us pleasure that can not be bought.
This is us, in a nutshell.   *waves*