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Robert Sunset
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Sounds like the perfect day for Free Cycles!
Emma Olson
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October 10th - Global Work Party!
Join us on 10/10/10 along with communities around the globe to employ climate solutions at a local level. By working together to clear weeds, build gardens & bring about green change, we hope to put pressure on our leaders to confront the climate crisis & say... "We're working, what about you?"

Various community service projects are planned for the day followed by an appreciation BBQ!

PEAS Farm- Build gardens and provide local produce to our community (3010 Duncan Dr.)
Pull weeds-  The “M”, River Run Missoula and Greenough , because native habitats are more resilient in he face of climate change.
Free Cycles Missoula- Build 10 bikes, 10 bike racks and 10 bike trailers. More bikes=less cars=less carbon emissions! (732 S. 1st St W).

THE TIME: Noon – 4 pm. October 10th.  Meet at one of the locations above or at UM FLAT

The PARTY: UM FLAT - 5 pm.  (633 S. 5th St.)  Free. Local foods and drink!

Help us make Oct 10th the biggest day of action against global warming the world has seen!
Sponsors include: Sierra Club, MT Audubon, University of Montana Climate Action Now, Missoula Freecycles
Emma Olson
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I know you taught a hugelkultur workshop in June and led a discussion as well, but there isn't too much info about it on this forum, other than it's a German word and has to do with raised beds and permaculture.

Perhaps you could start a new thread to give us an idea of how it works (with a link to the video I believe you made). I know we're coming to the close of the growing season here in Missoula, but are there any steps we can take now to begin prepping our gardens for next year--in the most ecologically and agriculturally sustainable way possible?

Maybe for this worldwide workday we could pledge to take the preliminary steps to making our gardens more sustainable in the next season. That sounds better to me than painting roofs white. 

paul wheaton
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So 10/10/10 .... I take it the date has more significance than the pattern?

And 350:  what is the significance of 350?

The page shows people paininting.  Granted, they are painting the roof white to (I'm guessing) cut energy costs ... I guess I'm just not a big fan of paint and I would think there would be bigger, less toxic ways to cut carbon?

During all of this talk about rising carbon in the air and global warming and all of that, I have to admit that my own thought leads to something a bit different/scarier:  I wonder how our oxygen levels are doing?  I wonder if less oxygen would mean more CO2 ppm. 

Next, I really wanna push the use of hugelkultur over the use of burning wood, biochar, or even composting.  Plus, just good ole planting trees.  I think we need to lay out how farmers, foresters and homeowners will be miles ahead with less burning and planting even more trees. 

Emma Olson
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Please Join Us: Climate Actions 10-10-10 and Cancun

Climate Actions 10-10-10

On 10/10/10, the planet is getting to work on climate change. is organizing a Global Work Party to involve people in efforts that could lower the amount of carbon in the atmosphere back down below the dangerous tipping point of 350 parts per million.

A worldwide shift of cropland from industrial to organic production could sequester 40% of global greenhouse gases. That's why ( is encouraging people to spend 10/10/10 working on a community garden or an organic farm.

To get to 350ppm, we'll need to rethink the way we produce food on the planet - moving away from industrial agriculture powered by fossil fuels, and towards small-scale, local, organic farming. Think about using your work party as a day to model this new system - maybe you can break ground on a new community garden. Or simply help out harvesting at a local farm.

Right now there are work parties, in Hamilton, Kalispell and Helena. I think Missoula should step it up. Any ideas?