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David Livingston
Post     Subject: Possibly European Hornet stalking my pigs

European hornets are ground nesters maybe the pigs are disturbing their nest , If they are moved to another paddock then the hornets may go back to ignoring the pigs as they are too big to eat
Orther wise they could just be getting free lifts about on the pigs who disturb food for the hornets .

Mariette Kruit
Post     Subject: Possibly European Hornet stalking my pigs

So about 2 months ago my husband bought us 3 grown Mangalitsa pigs to tend to our 1/4 acre backyard, keeping the grass and thereby hopefully the mosquito's at bay. Now the past few days we've been noticing these large wasps hanging about our piggies and our barn. They're really huge and after googling pictures, I think they might be European Hornets. Today as I was giving the pigs another fresh paddock to roam (as I'm slowly dividing their large free range paddock into smaller paddocks and setting up a shift system, don't ask why we didn't start with that to begin with like I wanted to, hint), I noticed one of the buggers stalking my boar all the way to the back of the field, trying to grab a free ride. They seem very keen to land on the pigs for some reason. I'm a novice when it comes to pigs, so any thoughts on why these giant bugs are bugging my pigs? Could it be they're picking dirt/mud from my pigs to use as building materials for their nest? They seem to like the pigs' muddy pond a lot too...