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allen lumley
Post     Subject: want to build a stove

Clinton C. : It sounds like you have a good working plan for a place to start. One of the best resources available besides the book can be found at ->

Also check out the rest of their site, they are our forum moderators here at and are some of the most Rocket Mass Heater Knowledgeable
people in the world ! For the Good of the Crafts ! Big AL
Clinton Caffrey
Post     Subject: want to build a stove

Thanks, I will go start some more reading. I started the form to build a stove for out side cooking use and as a test run. My floor is slab with 2x4 on there side(to raise an old addtion to the height of the rest of the house) so I think the weight should be ok. MY original idea was to put ceramic wool on the bottom and back sides to keep heat away from walls/floors. The only problem is with kids I have to have some kinda door for the fire.
allen lumley
Post     Subject: want to build a stove

Clinton Caffrey : A late welcome to, and a big welcome to the Rocket and Wood Stoves Forum Threads!

Simply stated the Rocket Mass Heater can be made by Joe EveryMan for a few hundred dollar$ with the information found
within '' The Book '' - Rocket Mass Heaters, and some support from your Fellow members at Permies. The Masonry Heater
wood stove you would like to have requires the skills of a Master Mason and even this simplified model would cost more
than a few thousand dollars to build ! You have to ask yourself what skills you bring to the job !

Both of these construction projects will begin with some Additional support consisting of additional underfloor bracing and
columns or piers supporting additional beams reinforcing the original floor joists, unless this is a poured Concrete Slab Floor !

In addition you would need to make special arrangements to keep from damaging the original floor below ether heater.
Special attention would be necessary not to radiate enough heat through the bottom of ether heater to endanger the floor
and floor joists !

If you are still interested in proceeding further, you should goto-> for your copy of Rocket Mass Heaters
and start anew thread asking for information on a Rocket Mass Heater within comfortable driving distance you can go see.

I am sorry that your reply was accidentally held up, Please be assured that if there is a Rocket in your future we ARE here
prepared to help you find it ! Hope this is helpful for the Good of the Crafts ! Big AL
Clinton Caffrey
Post     Subject: want to build a stove

Hello I have been reading a lot on this site and want to say thank you for everything. I've been wanting to build a stove with the limited space I have. I would like the efficiency of the rocket stove but my wife does not like the open flames with the small children any ideas on how to put a door more like a traditional fireplace. From the photo I have about 26 inches for width and maybe 5 feet long. I want to keep it off the wall far enough to still use the outlet. Thanks
I was wanting to do something like this but with a "bell" or barrel and instead of the J with the chimney going up, route it through a bench/mass and exit out the side of the house.