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Tom Trial
Post     Subject: Podcast 195: Geoff Lawton on his Food Forests DVD

OK I feel dumb for asking, but on iTunes the "Homesteading and Permaculture by Paul Wheaton" podcasts are up to number 298 - PermaEthos and #195 Geoff Lawton on his Food Forests DVD is not listed there.

What information am I missing?
A.J. Gentry
Post     Subject: Podcast 195: Geoff Lawton on his Food Forests DVD

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Paul Wheaton talks to Geoff Lawton, who will be answering questions at this week for his Food Forest DVD promotion. Paul and Geoff talk about detractors. Geoff talks about having self-sufficient fun, and the peacefulness and contentment of setting up a permaculture system. They talk about being able to use the word permaculture without taking a PDC, although it is good for everybody to take a PDC. Geoff suggests sharing the 3 ethics. Geoff talks about using mainframe holistic design that is more inclusive than exclusive. Geoff reviews Paul and Helen Atthowe's review of the Food Forest DVD. He finds the temperate climate to be easier to work with than the tropics. Geoff talks about black locust and its antifungal elements. Geoff talks about non-native plants making systems richer. Geoff talks about facilitating creative events in nature. He comments on nitrogen release in the soil. Geoff is thinking of doing a DVD on pattern, and is open to DVD suggestions. Geoff talks about the greening the desert projects.

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