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Emerson White
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I was really happy to read this, so bump! I had been worried before.
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Guano (bird/bat droppings) are another good source - planting trees to attract birds will bring in their droppings.

The fungi network in a healthy (non-plowed) soil is important for extracting and distributing phosphorous.
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I get basalt from the ground. its the parent bedrock here. its is in most of my region. If you have rocks, however, they wil likely suffice, unless they are sepentine, which has phosphorus (its a weathered granitic stone) but also nasty not so good stuff f you want to garden...

rose macaskie
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Where do you get your bastalt from, from," theres a hole in my bucket" agri rose macaskie?
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I posted a laughable wikipedia entry (far below their standards, I'm sure it'll get edited and made reasonable) at:

if you read through the articles the wiki links to, you'll see Toby Hemenway listed as one of the primary references. if you know Toby you'll crack up- he did.

he replied "I wonder how long it will last before some editor rips it up, as it's way below wikipedia standards. I was flattered, though, that two of its citations are for my article, "The Origins of Peak Oil Doomerism" (the updated version of this is at my website)." Toby's website:

one of the OT replies I got the the post mentioned PEAK PHOSPHORUS. and that (excuse the pun) lit my fuse.

so here goes.

first a thanks (and cuddle to all who like 'em) to the folks who sent me PM's re: get well.

that was kinda sweetly overwhelming  (tear

ok, back to the fray:

I go out to garden for a summer and return to the machines to find out the sky is falling....


excuse me?

try banging the next doomer's head you meet against a rock such as basalt, which is 'phull of phosphate's and other mineral nutrients plants crave. yum yum, rocks!  Phosphates practically weep from basalt when it rains. if you have seen a basalt wall as a dries (from rain or dew), you may have noticed the salt like residue on it. when it fully dries the stuff flakes off and turns to dust. THATS PHOSPHATES! phosphorus is not available to plants as a free radical- it must be bound to hydrogen and oxygen (theres bajillions of combinations, but I'm not in that discussion group today!)

if the hard headed find the above method of phosphorus production doesn't work for them, I encourage them to keep trying... or you could tell them to OBSERVE NATURAL CYCLES ...We can get phosphate into our gardens the same way nature does: expose rocks to atmospheric weathering! (That Mother Nature's a genius, i have to hand it to her. I thought she was a reckless, but once I tasted her home cooking, TL4E!

just like sepp holzer and so many other astute permies have discovered: rocks are good for garden production- not only is rock powder (bang em together if you got the nerve!) full of micronutrients, large stones condense water on their underside even in the driest time of the years as a natural function of the humidity and temperature shifts... and instead of big machines to do this, we can be lazy and rely on... the earths rotation! ... it gets cold at night, and there are scary shadows, fellow doomers, darkness! then...poof! the lower temp means condensation- Dew! which is forced out of the air as its holding capacity is reduced ...and the dew carries the phosphates to the soil for you! you don't even need an animal guild to pull off this amazing trick! Ever dig up a big rock and see the roots all crawling up under it and circling around? they're not confused, their maximizing absorption of the nutrients that pool there. its like a 24-7 free buffet!


I wont recommend the farming these folks advocate, cause its an industrial model and frankly, as a being evolving towards Homo ecstaticus status ( so far I'm convinced  H. ecstaticus's native habitat range is limited to in forests, gardens, littoral coasts and other magical varieties of nature's open space, and that most of them live in community and dint have televisions...) anyhow.... ANIMAL POOP! phosphate is landing in all those plants and when critters eat it- it turns into critter... and poop! So use manures in addition to leaving rocks laying around, just like (I really love her) MOTHER NATURE!

this is just crazy talk, leaving rocks in the garden, letting anI'mals run around in it.

Clearly im delusional. I'm simply too happy to be alive, and thats the source of my pronoia- Occam's razor cut me deep, leaving little more than common sense and sass.

Doomers bewares, I'm feeling feisty. sure, I'm on bed rest, but I can still take ya, come on!

just make sure to cuddle first, its a sort of H. Ecstaticus social protocol....