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Hans Quistorff
Post     Subject: Dutch Clover in a Deck Pot?

Yes and it would build soil in that pot for planting next year.
Douglas Alpenstock
Post     Subject: Dutch Clover in a Deck Pot?

My aunt in the city is having trouble getting her patio tomato plants to produce. No fruit. Same with her neighbours in an older condo complex.

It may be the cool, wet year so far. But it may be a lack of pollinators. Our growing season is very short, so time is of the essence.

Meanwhile, I have oodles of dutch clover growing wild. The dutch clover blooms early, keeps blooming, and if you periodically chop it, blooms well into fall. It thrives everywhere, even in rock and shale, ignores old landscape fabric, and is a most happy "weed." The bumblebees won't leave it alone.

Do you think dutch clover in a plant pot would be a good lo-tech companion to bring in pollinators?