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Scarlet Smith
Post     Subject: Freezing Herbs

The best way I've found is to finely chop the herbs or crush them using a mortar & pestle. Then I add some sea salt and mix the herbs with some softened butter. I put the mixture in silicone cupcake moulds, freeze until solid then empty the silicon moulds into one large zip-loc bag. I just take a cube out each time I need it and melt into the dish I'm making.

You can also preserve fresh herbs in a jar full of salt, alternating layers of salt and herbs. There's a great video on youtube if you look it up.
Susan Noyes
Post     Subject: Freezing Herbs

What about sauteed in olive oil and freezing that?
Nicole Castle
Post     Subject: Freezing Herbs

Basil I preserve by shredding or chopping and stuffing in ice cubes trays with enough water to cover them. It's not a substitute for fresh by any means, but it does work well for soups and such.
Marie Morse
Post     Subject: Freezing Herbs

I'm looking for some input for preserving my herbs. I dried drying them last year and it didn't work out the best. I've looked into freezing them and was wondering if anyone has had success doing that. The herbs that I have are sage, basil, flat leaf parsley and rosemary. Any help is appreciated.