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Gerry Parent
Post     Subject: Cold Smoked Cheddar

So my cheese arrived yesterday!!!
Very nicely protected in a box within a vaccum sealed plastic bag...even had a little mint candy tucked away as a special treat!
I had previously eaten several varieties of store smoked cheese and let me tell you, Thomas's cheese blew them away!
A nice hearty smoke flavour all the way through the block.....not just a hint of smoke flavour on the first bite and then fades away.
No way! This is the real Macoy!
If Thomas offers this up again, I highly recommend getting a block or two....or three or four.

Thanks Thomas! Yummmmmm.....
Douglas Alpenstock
Post     Subject: Cold Smoked Cheddar

Geez, awesome, do you deliver?

(drooling on keyboard)
Gerry Parent
Post     Subject: Cold Smoked Cheddar

Wow.... thanks for the sneak preview of what my chunk of cheese will look like Thomas!
Looks like I got my order in just in time.
Carla Burke
Post     Subject: Cold Smoked Cheddar

Yum! That reminds me - I never did get around to giving you my address! 🤣😅😜
thomas rubino
Post     Subject: Cold Smoked Cheddar

Hi All;
Had the brick cold smoker running today.
Loaded up with mountain maple.
Smoked #3 of sharp white cheddar for xmas gifts.

Hmm Good!