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Leigh Tate
Post     Subject: Help with Obesity (hosted) - PEP BB

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP Curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the wood badge in Natural Medicine.

Here are videos with ideas which may or may not be applicable to your friend's issue:

Minimum requirements:
  - Prove you have helped your friend with their obesity
  - Provide "Hosted" care where your friend moves into your place to be cared for
       - Provide an environment (clothing, bedding, shelter) with very low toxins
       - Provide permaculture food and drink for your friend
  - Refer to them by a number or pseudonym that you will continue to use for that friend throughout the Natural Medicine badge

To document completion of the BB, provide the following:
  - Your friend's pseudonym
  - Your suggestions for relief (including, but not limited to)
       - Behavioral
       - Food as medicine
       - Concoctions
  - Explain and show what is different about your hosted environment and food compared to your friend’s home environment.
  - Before, during, and after (pick one)
     - BMI reduction of 3 points
     - 3 inches from the waist
     - Reduction of 30 pounds