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Post     Subject: anerobic and aerobic newb

Hi all,
thanks for having me.

So, first, i have some rabbits, they produce about 20 gal of dung/day. they also pee alot. I have heard you dont want urine in the anerobic system, hence the aerobic one.
I have completed the aerobic system and currently cycleing it up,  the anerobic is in the final construction stages.

so my first questions are:
3x 100gal totes should be enough 20 gal + 40gal water = 60gal/day * 30 day = 180gal?
is the water at output clean, specifically not stinkey?
what comes out in terms of solids/liquids, i understand there is waste, has anyone found a diy method to remove the solid waste at the output and be able to recycle the waste water(best i can find is a "aquaponic swirl filter")?

I hope since we touch base on digesters we will have knowledge of the aerobic ones as well.
As mentioned i am trying to cycle this system up right now, but I have bad feelings about its success.
rabbit urine shows a ph of 9 or so, so i have dropped down to 7 with hydroponic-ph-down, is there a target ph i should keep?
also PPM is high i am showing a TDS > 2000ppm. can i drown aerobic bacteria with their food, they have huge o2 supply?
When i do ammonia /nh3/nh2 tests i cant find any trace of any of them, my test kit is 4 yrs old, but stored good, maybe its bunk? or maybe ammonia evaporated out?  It still smells bad, like urine, and is brown like urine, will the color lighten up as processing is complete?
Also i read that even aerobic system gets air shut off to create anerobic condition to burn off the nite's, will water clarify when this happens? will ppm drop? how often shoud i set off time and for how long (cycleing up and regularily)?
any advise helps!