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Matt Hauer
Post     Subject: Micro-photography

Photographer chiming in!  Good luck with your macro photography, it's a challenge to get a decent plane of focus on the really tiny things.

Pollen, soil, leaves, petals, bugs (though 20-100x may be easier), electrical solder joints, worm bits, seeds, fern spores, mold, roots, rhizomes, insect eggs...
T Simpson
Post     Subject: Micro-photography

Pollen is the bees knees...oh maybe bee knees. What kind of surfaces does pollen stick to best? Hairy, Sticky, bumpy?
Mahlon Barrault
Post     Subject: Micro-photography

Hi all!

I’ve recently unearthed my microscope and have gotten it setup so I can take photos and video using my phone. I wanted to see if any permies had suggestions for things they would like to see from the micro-world. I would do my best to collect samples and photograph anything you recommend. I have a 100x objective, so everything except viruses and organisms of that scale would be a challenge.

Let me know what you would like to see!