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kevin brooks
Post     Subject: Seeking to join/start community

have friends in Raymond washington with community.
growing, 6 families or so, interested to co-op with other people,
especially hand-made products and share discoveries.
they all play music a lot. sincerely,kevin
Michael Westbrook
Post     Subject: Seeking to join/start community


See My post "Land Share Opportunity on our Western Washington on our Farm".
if intrested contact me.
Dave Miller
Post     Subject: Seeking to join/start community

I'm in Camas, on a 0.7 acre suburban lot, with a 10 year old food forest (ongoing) in my 0.5 acre backyard.  I'm not looking for a homestead, but when you get to that point, I'd be interested in sharing plant material, local knowledge, and/or trading surplus.  I have about 200 varieties of edible perennial plants (e.g. 54 varieties of apples), and most of them are mature enough to produce.

My main goal was to be able to harvest something from my food forest any day of the year, and I am close to that goal.  What I didn't think about was whether I would have time to harvest all of it, and the answer is no (I also have a full time job).  I think in order for permaculture to thrive in a suburban environment, there needs to be some kind of system to facilitate trading of unharvested surplus.  I haven't figured that out yet though.
Ed Dunder
Post     Subject: Seeking to join/start community

Would anyone else like to create/expand a permaculture community homestead in the greater Vancouver Wa area? My wife and I are interested in partnering with an existing community or land owner, or joining forces purchase and subdivide a larger parcel. If that sounds interesting let's connect. Comment or direct message.