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Dre Nic
Post     Subject: How to flash and frame cylindrical roofs in cluster type structures

Hello I am about to begin the construction of my Earthbag cylinder home. I plan to build a cluster type structure with 2 or maybe 3 cylinders surrounding a central cylinder. I would like to make the central cylinder with a wall height of 12 or 14 foot while building the surrounding cylinders with a wall height of 8 to 10 foot. My main problem at this moment is figuring out how to frame and flash the shorter cylinders. Specifically the areas that come into contact with the central cylinder. Since I am using Earthbag walls I do not want the water from lower roof to run down the roof into the wall of the central cylinder. I live in a very rainy tropical climate and plan to have a 3-4 overhang on the central/taller cylinder. I plan to extend that length to about 6 foot on the outer/smaller cylinders. I have attached some photos which best demonstrate the type of roof system I am looking to use. However, I am not really clear on how to frame this out as I have never actually built a roof before. I have built several Earthbag domes but those don’t require roofs so this will be my first go at a roof on an circular house. Also I would be greatly appreciative for any insight on how to keep the water that sheds off lower roof from entering my Earthbag walls once they reach the center cylinder.

Thank you in advance to those who can offer me assistance in finding a solution to these issues