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Post     Subject: "Saving the Life Keepers The New Science of Sustainable Beekeeping" documentary, streaming

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Saving the Life Keepers The New Science of Sustainable Beekeeping

From the forests of Mexico to the farm lands and cities of North America, learn how successful beekeepers overcome challenges and develop sustainable practices to improve the quality and quantity of honey bee populations.

Saving the Life Keepers, reveals how local citizens, farmers, small and large businesses as well as beekeepers can help protect and preserve bee populations throughout the world.

This documentary offers several practical solutions. These include:

  • utilizing the biodiversity of plants,
  • mass plantings of protein rich flowers,
  • Queen bee organic mating yards,
  • how to fight bee parasites and diseases without chemicals and antibiotics
  • how beekeepers work successfully with productive and resistant Africanized bees.

  • A humanistic adventure based on the extraordinary realities of the present, this documentary marks the way to sustain the future for generations of people and bees yet to come.