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Daniel Jones
Post     Subject: 37 M, off grid in TN, starting fresh on 5 acres!

I just bought 5 acres near Big South Fork in TN. I will be starting from scratch but I have been living off grid anyway. I'm looking for a single woman, for a relationship and to join me on my new adventure!

Me: I have been gardening and living off grid for 4 months but I found a better place to do it. I want to be self-sufficient on a homestead. I like to garden, hike, swim, and work on projects to reach my self-sufficient goals. I'm an IFNP. I'm open to starting a family as well. I'm not really spiritual but I definitely don't mind anyone else being spiritual. Taoism makes sense to me but I don't practice. I do like meditation and yoga. I do like a good beer and joint at times and maybe shrooms occasionally. Lol. I don't want to be around any hard drugs. I'm left leaning politically but more in the middle. I'm open minded and can get along with anyone as long as they're a decent human despite any differences.

You: Open-minded, kind, love homesteading, animals and nature. Pretty simple list but I don't require much to be happy with another person.

The property: 5 acres of woods basically. There are some small spots for gardening and more can be cleared. There are 3 creeks and 1 is a spring. It's rugged but there are good spots for camping initially. Then I want to build a cabin and go from there. I want to make a homestead from raw land. It's near an awesome park: Big South Fork. The country side is filled with small farms. Jamestown is 25 minutes away.

That's all I can think of for now. Feel free ask any questions.